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SIOP Conference Ambassador—Pilot Program

In an effort to welcome first-time attendees to the conference, we are looking for participants in the new Conference Ambassador program. This pilot program will informally match new SIOP conference attendees (“Newcomers”) with seasoned SIOP conference attendees (“Ambassadors”) to help connect the newcomer and provide a better overall conference experience for all. 

Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort:
1. Connect with the Newcomer at least once via email or phone in the month or so leading up to the Annual Conference.
2. Meet with the Newcomer at least once on-site at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).
3. Help the Newcomer network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.

Thank you to those participating in this year's Ambassador-Pilot Program. This program is now closed.

It’s as simple as that!  Sign up to be an Ambassador (two or more years attending SIOP) or a Newcomer (first time attending or first time as a professional) through the general conference registration process.

Those registered by the early registration deadline of February 15 will receive their ambassador assignments by March 1.  All others will be assigned as they are received and processed.