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Communities of Interest 
Linda Shanock
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


There will be 12 outstanding Community of Interest (COI) sessions designed to create new communities around common themes or interests.  These sessions have no chair, presenters, or discussant.  Instead, they are informally moderated by one or two facilitators.  Attend if you would like to (a) meet potential collaborators, (b) generate new ideas, (c) have stimulating conversations, and/or (d) develop an informal network with other like-minded SIOP members.

Sessions will be held in Room 205.

Session 6: Diversity and Inclusion. Matthew Dreyer and Kecia Thomas
Session 34:
Current Issues in Personality Testing. Rich Griffth
Session 55:  Teaching Leadership. Joyce Bono
Session 77:  Linking I-O Principles to Managerial Decisions. Sara Rynes and Jay Dorio
Session 108:  New Ideas in Team Development. Adam Bandelli and David Astorino
Session 126: Multigenerational Issues in Organizations. Debra Steele-Johnson and  Lisa Finkelstein
Session 152: Technology in the Workplace. Jeffrey Stanton and Dan Lezotte
Session 172: Underemployment. Daniel Feldman
Session 192:  P–E/P–O/P–J Fit. Jeff Edwards and Rob Tett
Session 242:  Bridging the Science–Practice Gap. Scott Tannenbaum
Session 266: Issues in Multilevel Research. Tom Fletcher
Session 292: Executive Assessment. Bob Hogan and Bob Muschewske