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Workshop 1
Human Capital Risk: Communicating Metrics Through the
New Language of the C-Suite

Presenters:  Seymour Adler, Aon Consulting
                   Kevin Kline, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Coordinator: Amy Grubb, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Increasingly over the past decade, senior leadership in corporations has seen the management of business risk as a core responsibility.  The discipline of enterprise risk management has emerged to provide models and tools to help organizations identify, appraise, and mitigate the risks they face.  In the C-suite, executives speak the language of risk, a language as yet spoken by few I-O practitioners. The opportunity for our profession to contribute to this new dialogue is significant.  Enterprise risk managers have paid little attention to enterprise-perspective risks associated with the human capital components of the business even though the extent to which human capital can contribute to risk is great.

In this workshop, we will review some of the tools of human capital risk assessment and describe how to reframe our traditional I-O interventions as risk mitigation strategies when communicating with the C-suite.   Participants will begin analyzing the human capital in their own organizations from an enterprise risk management perspective.  We will present several case studies, including one at the FBI, to illustrate how employee attitude and performance data can be used to identify risks to key organizational goals.  This workshop will be of interest to both internal and external practitioners who focus on organizational strategy, talent management, leadership development, and organizational performance.

The key learning objectives of this workshop include:

• Introducing I-O psychologists to enterprise risk management and its models and methods
• Analyzing traditional areas of focus (e.g., selection, training, engagement, compensation, succession) using a human capital risk framework
• Applying tools that can be used by I-O practitioners in both commercial and  nonprofit organizations to help senior decision makers appreciate the relative value and impact of alternative human capital interventions

Kevin James Kline is currently assigned as an inspector, Inspection Division, FBI Headquarters.  Inspector Kline serves as the inspector-in-charge for the Inspection Reconstruction Project (IRP), the primary goal of which is the enhancement of the FBI's inspection process through alignment to FBI enterprise-wide strategies via risk-based framework.  Prior to his current assignment, Inspector Kline served as the assistant special agent-in-charge (ASAC) in the Boston Division and has had program management responsibilities for the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and intelligence programs throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as national program responsibility for drug and organized crime matters.  In addition, Inspector Kline has served as a SWAT team member and has had extensive field investigative experience in law enforcement and legislative corruption.  Inspector Kline also served as the on scene commander for all FBI operations in Afghanistan.

Inspector Kline was awarded the 2006 Director's Award for Outstanding Counterterrorism Investigation and the 2005 Group Achievement Award presented by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.
Inspector Kline is a native of Buffalo, New York, and graduated from Canisius College and The Albany Law School of Union University.  He is a member of the New York State Bar. 

Seymour Adler is senior vice president in Aon Consulting’s Talent Solutions Consulting practice.  Seymour is based in New York and consults with client organizations throughout the country and with global 500 organizations.  Seymour directs the development and implementation of talent assessment, talent management, and leadership development programs, with an emphasis on sales, customer service, and management positions in the financial services, telecommunications, and high technology industries, as well as in the public sector.  Seymour was a founder and principal of Assessment Solutions Incorporated, a firm he helped take public in 1997, which was acquired by Aon in 2001. In addition to a 30-year career in industry, Seymour has taught in graduate programs at Purdue University, Stevens Institute of Technology, New York University, and currently is an adjunct professor at Hofstra University’s doctoral program in applied organizational psychology.  A graduate of the doctoral program in industrial-organizational psychology at New York University, Seymour is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, has served as president of the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology, and is widely published in the field of industrial-organizational psychology.