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Workshop 12
Maximizing the Effectiveness of E-Learning: Research-Based Insights, Practical Solutions

Presenter: Will Thalheimer, Work-Learning Research, Inc.

Coordinator: Brigitte Steinheider, University of Oklahoma–Tulsa

Today’s e-learning technologies offer powerful mechanisms for improving learning engagement and workplace results. Although having great potential, many e-learning interventions fail to maximize learning outcomes because they stray from fundamental principles of human learning. This workshop will help participants recalibrate their perspective on e-learning by providing a practical research-based approach. In particular, participants will learn how to design e-learning to minimize forgetting and maximize long-term remembering. The workshop will include (a) an overview of situation-based learning design; (b) a research review of the power of learning context, retrieval, feedback, and spacing; (c) examples of key concepts as they are found in real e-learning programs; (d) a discussion of evaluation metrics; and (e) a review of emerging technologies for e-learning. This workshop should be of interest to those who are responsible for training, development, talent management, or learning technologies.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

• Design e-learning interventions that improve remembering and workplace performance
• Make research-based instructional-design decisions
• Effectively utilize a situation-based learning design approach
• Identify key failures in current e-learning interventions
• Design more effective e-learning evaluations

Will Thalheimer is a learning expert, consultant, researcher, instructional designer, business leader, speaker, and writer. Dr. Thalheimer has worked in the learning-and-performance field since 1985. He founded Work-Learning Research in 1998 to bridge the gap between research and practice, compile research on learning, and disseminate research findings to help instructional designers, e-learning developers, trainers, and performance consultants build more effective learning-and-performance interventions and environments. His clients have included giant multinationals, e-learning companies, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning. His research and writings have led the field in providing practical research-based recommendations through his online publications (www.work-learning.com/catalog), published articles, and his industry-leading blog (www.willatworklearning.com). Dr. Thalheimer speaks regularly at national and international conferences. His conference presentations always receive numerous evaluation sheet comments like the following: “This was one of the best presentations I attended—solid information delivered in a style that helped me learn.” Will holds a BA from the Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from Drexel University, and a PhD in Educational Psychology: Human Learning and Cognition from Columbia University.