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Workshop 2
The Practical Side of Culture: Defining Your Employment Brand, Shaping Your Communications, Aligning Your Strategy

Presenters: Jeffrey Jolton, PhD, Kenexa, Inc.
                  Anthony Coe, JD, Kenexa, Inc.

Coordinator: Chris Lovato, PhD, Kenexa, Inc. 

An organization’s employment brand, internal communications, and long-term strategy are all directly impacted by the culture of the organization.  Yet, organizational culture remains one of the most difficult and ambiguous subjects to understand and evaluate.  This workshop will attempt to make culture less mysterious and more meaningful for your organization. Participants will engage in an active discussion around three real-world case studies of culture and its relation to brand, communications, and strategy.  In each of these cases, the organizations involved used quantitative and qualitative methods to study their culture and distill the results into meaningful actions with dramatic results.  This workshop will be of interest to all individuals who want to use organizational culture to define an employment brand and make an impact on communications, recruitment, and strategy.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

• Define and discuss organizational culture, employment brand, and culture management
• Understand and evaluate tools and techniques for measuring organizational culture
• Develop a plan for effectively measuring their own organizational culture and its impact on the employment brand, internal communications, and strategy

Jeffrey Jolton, PhD is the director of global services at Kenexa, overseeing the project management and thought leadership for many of Kenexa’s largest global survey projects. Dr. Jolton has more than 15 years of extensive consulting experience, which have made him a leading expert in assessment-based organizational change. He has applied his innovative and insightful guidance to a number of global businesses including Accenture, CVS, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Johnson Controls, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Dr. Jolton is a regular presenter at numerous professional conferences and has more than 25 publications in professional and scientific journals. Recent topics of his works include understanding dysfunctional organizations, global truths about employee engagement, the role of critical thinking in strategic planning, and behavior change across the global spectrum. He holds a doctorate and a master’s of science degree in I-O psychology from Ohio University.

Anthony C. Coe, JD is the senior consultant for Kenexa’s Employment Branding division. He oversees and directs the cultural research process and ensures that all brand and creative concepts are supported by solid research from company data, employee interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Prior to joining the Kenexa team, Mr. Coe practiced employment law for 12 years. As an attorney, he not only litigated various employment law claims, he also conducted numerous seminars and workshops on legal issues, HR practices, and organizational teambuilding.  Mr. Coe earned a bachelor of science degree in economics and his Juris doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.