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Workshop 7
Developing Executives in the 21st Century:  Relax—It’s Only Uncertainty

Presenters: Sandra L. Shullman, Executive Development Group, LLC
                  Randall P. White, Executive Development Group, LLC

Coordinator:   Wanda Campbell, Edison Electric Institute

Tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to manage in an uncertain environment are critical success factors for senior leaders.  Uncertainty is one of the most common human responses to ambiguous states.  This workshop will explore the role of ambiguity and managing uncertainty in the development of successful executives.  It will include (a) a review of the presenters’ research on leadership, ambiguity, and uncertainty; (b) techniques for the assessment of how individuals handle ambiguity and uncertainty; (c) the relationship of ambiguity and uncertainty to other critical leadership variables; and (d) strategies and developmental suggestions for enhancing leadership capability to address ambiguity and uncertainty.  This workshop will be of interest to anyone who is involved in selecting and developing senior leaders.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

• Compare and contrast concepts of ambiguity, uncertainty, learning agility, and related cognitive skills
• Incorporate measures of ambiguity, uncertainty, and related concepts into leadership development initiatives
• Identify the relationships among ambiguity and uncertainty, performance, and potential in executive talent development approaches
• Identify developmental strategies for enhancing executive capacity to address ambiguity and uncertainty

Sandra L. Shullman is the managing partner of the Columbus, Ohio office of the Executive Development Group and a leader in the fields of executive coaching, leadership development, and diversity management.  She is an adjunct graduate faculty member at the Cleveland State University Diversity Management Program and also teaches at Duke Corporate Education (Durham, London, and Johannesburg). She also presented at the John Glenn School of Public Management at The Ohio State University for over 15 years.  Dr. Shullman co-authored an early groundbreaking book on performance management entitled Performance Appraisal on the Line.  She has served as a member of the board of directors of the American Psychological Association and is currently a board member of the American Psychological Foundation.  Dr. Shullman is the former director of Managerial Effectiveness Programs at the Center for Creative Leadership.  She received her doctorate in counseling psychology from The Ohio State University.

Randall P. White is a founding partner of Executive Development Group in Greensboro, NC, and an international thought leader in the field of executive coaching and leadership development, an executive coach, and facilitator.  He is an adjunct professor at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and also teaches at Duke Corporate Education (Durham, London, Johannesburg, and Ahmedabad), HEC School of Management (Paris), and IE Business School (Madrid).  Dr. White coauthored the best-selling business book, Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach The Top Of America's Largest Corporations? and in 1996 coauthored The Future of Leadership: Riding the Corporate Rapids into the 21st Century.  He has also coauthored Four Essential Ways That Coaching Can Help Executives (1997) and Relax, It's Only Uncertainty (2001).  Dr. White is the former director of Specialized Client Applications at the Center for Creative Leadership.  He received his doctorate in social psychology from Cornell University.