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Workshop 9
You've Got Survey Results. Now What? Using Organizational Survey Results to Drive Change

Presenters: Jack W. Wiley, Kenexa Research Institute 
                 Scott M. Brooks, Kenexa

Coordinator:  Linda Carr, Cisco Systems

Over 70% of all major corporations around the world regularly conduct employee opinion surveys. But how successful are they?  By far, the most common lament of survey practitioners, as well as employees at large, is nothing happened.   Indeed, many organizations report they are frustrated in their efforts to produce visible and lasting changes. Mistakes and false starts occur in using survey results, but when things are done “right,” creating change can be optimized.  Leveraging the experiences of the presenters, this workshop will provide an overall framework or model for effective survey feedback organization development (SFOD). The workshop will spotlight the two biggest missteps of most SFOD processes and provide guidance for how they can be avoided. The workshop will also provide an overview of newer technology-based tools that can be used to manage SFOD processes and under what circumstances these tools prove most effective. Also discussed will be the distinction between effective processes aimed at entity-level versus local-level change.  Finally, the workshop will provide an example of an extremely powerful SFOD process, which includes the use of linkage research as a key step in moving from results to on-target actions. The workshop will be of interest to those managing survey programs in organizations and especially those responsible for helping managers convert results into actions. 

This workshop is designed to help participants:

• Operate from an overall framework and model for effective survey feedback organization development (SFOD)
• Identify the “who” makes change following an organizational survey and crystallize the “what” of their assignments
• Evaluate newer technology-based tools that support SFOD processes
• Analyze the applicability of integrating linkage research into the overall SFOD process
• Describe the leadership requirements for sustaining improvements in survey results over multiple measurements

Jack W. Wiley, PhD, is founder and executive director of the Kenexa Research Institute. Dr. Wiley is recognized internationally for groundbreaking research that links employee survey results to measures of customer satisfaction and business performance. He is also the creator of WorkTrends, an international survey research program that produces results featured in both scholarly studies and the popular press worldwide. He has 35 years of experience consulting with organizations in the health care, financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries.  Jack has written several articles and book chapters and has made numerous presentations to professional associations around the world. He was elected as a Fellow in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the Association for Psychological Science.  He also serves on the board of directors of the Human Resources Planning Society. Jack holds a doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee and is a licensed consulting psychologist. Prior to joining Kenexa in 2006, Dr. Wiley was the founder and CEO of Gantz Wiley Research, a survey research consulting firm specializing in employee and customer surveys for corporate clients.

Scott M. Brooks, PhD, is an executive consultant and West Coast leader for Kenexa’s Global Survey Practice. Working with organizations worldwide, his focus is to help clients drive performance through listening and responding to the views of their employees and customers. Scott has nearly 20 years of consulting experience, working with clients such as Caterpillar, Gap, Kaiser Permanente, MGM Mirage, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo. Much of his consulting and research work has focused on leveraging human capital metrics to drive customer satisfaction and business results. Prior to Kenexa, he worked for 12 years at Gantz Wiley Research, most recently as general manager of the West Coast region. He also worked in organizational development for Mervyns, formerly a division of Target, Inc. Scott has presented and authored numerous presentations and publications based on strategic human resources, linkage research, surveys, and other measurement topics. He frequently speaks at national conferences and company meetings. Dr. Brooks holds a PhD in I-O psychology from The Ohio State University and a bachelor of arts from Cornell University.