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  2011 SIOP Conference Ambassador Program

UPDATE 3/30/11* - The program is now closed due to capacity participation. There is no waitlist available. 

Due to the success of the 2010 inaugural year of the Conference Ambassador Program, we are bringing it back! In an effort to welcome first-time attendees to the SIOP annual conference, we are looking for participants for the Conference Ambassador program. This program will allow new SIOP conference attendees (“Newcomers”) to select seasoned SIOP conference attendees (“Ambassadors”). The goal is to help the newcomer network with fellow professionals and provide a better overall conference experience for all. 

Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort, including the following:

•  Connect with the Newcomer at least once prior to the annual conference via e-mail or phone.
•  Meet with the Newcomer at least once onsite at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).
•  Help the Newcomer network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.

It is as simple as that! You can sign up to be an Ambassador (SIOP professional member and 2 or more years attending SIOP conference) or a Newcomer (first time attending the conference) through the general conference registration process.


An Ambassador is:

• A SIOP professional member interested in helping a first-time SIOP conference attendee make the most out of his/her experience.
• Someone who can explain how to get more involved in SIOP (e.g., joining committees; submitting proposals for the SIOP conference; participating in social events like the 5k run, tours, etc.)


A Newcomer is:

• A first time SIOP conference attendee 
• Someone who is motivated to make the most of their conference experience, committed to communicating and meeting with their Ambassador, and appreciative of the time that Ambassador devotes to them

Why Should You Volunteer?

• The Conference Ambassador Program is flexible and you and your Newcomer can work out the particulars so it works with (not against) your schedules.
• You may have just the right professional interests that make you a perfect match for a new conference attendee. Last year, we had more Newcomers than Ambassadors, so we need individuals with varying backgrounds to allow for the best fit for our Newcomers.
• The Ambassador Program also allows you to share your expertise with a Newcomer and to foster new professional relationships.

Program Testimonials :

• Thank you so much for the Ambassador Program! It has been a great experience to be paired up with a great scholar and learn all the ins and outs of SIOP. I can recommend it to all scholars new to SIOP and hope you will continue with the program as I think many newcomers (and ambassadors) can benefit from it!
• My experience at my first SIOP was excellent and I hope to attend next year. I recommend this program and thank you for it.
• I thought it was wonderful. I was in touch with my newcomer(by email) about half a dozen times before the conference, then met up with him there at the conference for lunch and chit-chat and pointers, and also talked a few more times during the conference. I have also been in touch after the conference (as sort of a wrap-up and “debriefing” and just to check in to see what he thought of the whole SIOP event). We plan to meet again next year in Chicago and until that time to send an e-mail every now and then if there’s “news” to give each other.
• I just wanted to say that it was a very worthwhile experience and I’d be eager to do it again. I had the opportunity to meet a new colleague working in Germany. We had a number of e-mail discussions prior to the conference and a very interesting and informative discussion over lunch at the conference. I also had the chance to introduce him to a number of other people to help him expand his professional network. Thanks for the opportunity to be an “ambassador.”