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Conference DVD


The following is a list of sessions that will be recorded for the 2011 conference DVD.* 

Preorder your copy here. DVDs are expected to ship approximately 8 weeks after the conference. 


Opening Plenary Session     
Adrienne Colella, Tulane University;  Eduardo Salas, University of Central Florida 

Alternative Strategies for Internet-Based Testing:  Practice and Research Lessons 
John Weiner, PSI;  Theodore Hayes, US Office of Personnel Management; John Pass, CSX; Margaret Downey, CSX Transportation; Danita Harris, Cox Communications; Alicia Allegrini, PSI Services LLC; Corina Rice, CSX Transportation; Monica Freed, PSI Services, LLC; Victor Jockin, PSI

Still Unequal? Men, Women, and Work in the 21st Century 
Lisa Marchiondo, University of Michigan; Susan Ashford, University of Michigan; Alice Eagly, Northwestern Univ; Daniel Derue, University of Michigan; Lilia Cortina, University of Michigan; Madeline Heilman, New York Univ; Suzette Caleo, New York University; Victoria Brescoll, Yale University School of Management; Allyson McElwain, Univ of Guelph; Karen Korabik, University of Guelph, Dept. of Psychology and Centre for Families, Work, and Well-Being

Theme Track: Introduction & Keynote Address: A Journey in Environmental Sustainability 
Stephan Dilchert, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College; Dominique Conseil, Aveda Corporation 

Has 360-Degree Feedback Evolved in the Last 10 Years? 
Panel Discussion    
David Bracken, OrgVitality LLC; Carol Timmreck, The Timmreck Group; Allan Church, siCo; James Farr, Pennsylvania State University; Robert Jako, Kaiser Permanente; Manuel London, SUNY-Stony Brook; David Peterson, Google; Janine Waclawski, Pepsi-Cola Company

One Brick at a Time: Cultural Context Effects at Work 
Jason Huang, Michigan State University; Ellen Kossek, Michigan State University; Paula Caligiuri, Rutgers University; Matthew Piszczek, Michigan State University; Ann Marie Ryan, Michigan State University; Marian Ruderman, Center for Creative Leadership; John Fleenor, Center for Creative Leadership; Jürgen Deller, Leuphana University of Lueneburg; Frieder Paulus, Leuphana University of Lueneburg; Anne-Grit Albrecht, hana University of Lueneburg; Sonia Ghumman, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Nabila Sheikh, AllianceBernstein; Laura Severance, University of Maryland; Sarah Lyons, University of Maryland; Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland; James Grand, Clare Honeybourne, IBM; Tanya Delany, IBM; Deniz Ones, University of Minnesota; Stephan Dilchert, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College; Andrzej Nowak, University of Warsaw, Poland; Lan Bui-Wrzosiska, University of Warsaw, Poland; Anat Rafaeli, The Technion, Israel; Dorit Efrat, The Technion, Israel; Nazar Soomro, University of York, England; Chunchi Lin, University of Tokyo, Japan; Susumu Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan 

Downsizing:  One of the Dominant Trends of the Decade 
Panel Discussion    
Michael Campion, Purdue University; Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado, Denver; Kenneth De Meuse, Korn/Ferry International; Mitchell Marks, San Francisco State University; Jerald Greenberg, RAND Corp.;  Stan Malos, San Jose State Univ 

Who Can Get and Keep a Job? Understanding Employability 
Robert Hogan, Hogan Assessment Systems; Robert Kaiser, Kaplan DeVries Inc.; Gordon Curphy, Self-employed; Tomas Chamurro-Premuzic, Goldsmiths College 

Applications of Social Media in the Workplace 
Tom Woodrick, Towers Watson; Matthew Deruntz, Towers Watson; Emily Twichell, rsonified; Sanja Licina, Personified; Patrick Kulesa; Catherine Beagan, RBC 


Follow Through, the Key to ROI in Executive Coaching 
David Peterson, Google; Darren Overfield, Kaplan DeVries Inc.; Sandra Davis, MDA Leadership Consulting; Robert Kaiser, Kaplan DeVries Inc.

Researching Outside the Box: Exploring Work-Family Research Beyond Cross-Sectional Approaches 
Ann Huffman, Northern Arizona University; Julie Wayne, Wake Forest University; Wendy Casper, Univ of Texas at Arlington; Satoris Culbertson, Kansas State University; Bettina Wiese, Free University of Berlin (Germany); Alexandra Freund, University of Zurich; Russell Matthews, Louisiana State University 

Manager, Know Thyself! A Closer Look at Self-Awareness 
Richard Klimoski, George Mason Univ; Traci Sitzmann, University of Colorado, Denver; Michelle Marks, George Mason University School of Management; Kenneth Wexley, Wexley Consulting, HRD; Paul Tesluk, Univ of Maryland; Kenneth Brown, University of Iowa; David DeGeest, University of Iowa; Justin Abdel Khalik, University of Iowa 

The Science and Art of Identifying High Potential Talent 
Panel Discussion    
Anuradha Ramesh, PDI Ninth House; Kristine Wright, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Courtney Morewitz, Marriott International, Inc.; Brandon Sullivan, Target; Lori Homer, Microsoft 

Programmatic Executive Coaching for Individual and Organizational Change 
Robert Lee, iCoachNewYork; Hy Pomerance, New York Life Insurance Co.; William Berman, Berman Leadership Development; Michael Molinaro, New York Life Insurance Co.; Anika Gakovic, New York Life Insurance Co.

Illusion of Inclusion and Importance of Equity and Diversity Climate 
Bianca Trejo, Florida Institute of Technology; Kizzy Parks, K. Parks Consulting Inc.; Aisha Taylor, Portland State University; Kristine Olson, Wasington State University-Vancouver; Armando Estrada, Washington State University-Vancouver; Elizabeth Steinhauser, DEOMI; Marinus van Driel, Van Driel Consulting/DEOMI; Mitchell Peterson,
Florida Institute of Technology; Daniel McDonald, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute; Sarah Singletary Walker, University of Houston-Downtown;  Michelle (Mikki) Hebl, Rice University

Perceived Overqualification: New Developments in Research 
Eleni Lobene, North Carolina State University; Aleksandra Luksyte, University of Houston; Saul Fine, Midot; Christiane Spitzmueller, Univ of Frankfurt and University of Houston, Adam Meade, North Carolina State University; Douglas Maynard, SUNY New Paltz; Meredith Lynch, NONE; Songqi Liu, University of Maryland; Mo Wang, University of Maryland; Yujie Zhan, University of Maryland; Le Zhou, University of Maryland; Laura Wolkoff, University of Maryland; Junqi Shi, Peking University


Theme Track: Lightning Round: Telling a Compelling Story With Data in Five Minutes
 Panel Discussion    
Autumn Krauss, Kronos Talent Management Division; Elizabeth Kolmstetter, Director of National Intelligence; Jay Steffensmeier, Kronos, Inc.; Denise Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University; Jeffrey Facteau, PreVisor; Douglas Reynolds, Development Dimensions International (DDI); Brian Welle, Google; Steven Hunt, SuccessFactors;  Richard Cober, Marriott International; Robert Gibby, Procter & Gamble; Rodney McCloy, HumRRO; Eric Heggestad, University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Humanitarian Work Psychology (HWP): Achievements, Applications, and Controversies 
Special Events    
 Lori Foster Thompson, North Carolina State University; Stuart Carr, Massey University;  Sean Cruse, United Nations Global Compact; Leo Marai, University of Papua New Guinea; Alexander Gloss, Returned US Peace Corps Worker (RPCW); Ishbel McWha, Massey University; Mary Berry, Sirota Survey Intelligence; Walter Reichman, Org Vitality/Emeritus Professor CUNY; Mathian (Mat) Osicki, International Business Machines (IBM); Alison Schafer, World Vision; Harry Hui, University of Hong Kong; Jeffrey Godbout, University of Baltimore; Virginia Schein, Gettysburg College 

Theme Track: Closing Keynote & Wrap-up: People Analytics: Is It All In Our Heads
Jeffrey Kudisch, University of Maryland; John Boudreau, Univ of Southern California 

Closing Plenary Session 
Adrienne Colella, Tulane University; Robert Cialdini, Influence at Work

*Please note that technical difficulties can occur, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that every session listed will appear on the DVD.