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 Workshop 1


Coachability or Coach Ability? Coaching the “Uncoachable”
Presenters:            David B. Peterson, Google
Barbara Lavery, Lavery Consulting
Coordinator:          Erica Desrosiers, PepsiCo
This workshop is designed to help participants:

1. Identify and select basic coaching tools and principles
2. Describe how basic coaching tools and principles can be adapted to difficult coaching situations
3. Select advanced techniques and principles for working with specific coaching challenges
4. Describe common assumptions and beliefs that interfere with effective coaching
5. Apply self-development techniques for accelerating one's own development as a coach
6. Use a taxonomy to identify and select different types of coaches and the types of challenges each type is best suited
7. Use a roadmap to select situations when coaching is not an appropriate solution
Target Audience: Advanced. Participants should be experienced coaches with at least 5 years of coaching experience.
David B. Peterson, former leader of executive coaching services at PDI Ninth house, has been passionate about understanding and applying the best principles of learning and development for over 20 years, as an executive coach, as a trainer of other coaches, and in his own development. A pioneer and thought leader in the field of executive coaching, David has written many articles and best-selling books on coaching, leadership development, and executive effectiveness, and has been a highly rated workshop presenter at SIOP for 15 years. Based in San Francisco, he provides coaching to CEOs and other top executives in companies such as Target, Hewlett-Packard, Genentech, Stanford University, and Microsoft, as well as consulting to organizations to help them design state-of-the-art coaching programs. His PhD in I-O and counseling psychology is from the University of Minnesota.

Barbara S. Lavery
runs an independent consulting practice in which she serves clients as an organizational consultant and executive coach. She worked for Personnel Decisions International for 9 years as an executive consultant and as a director of World Wide Coaching Services, where she was responsible for delivering executive coaching services across North America as well as building the coaching capabilities of PDI’s 160 coaching team members globally. She has coached in numerous Fortune 500 companies and specializes in working with individuals who are in emerging leadership roles or are in major change agent positions. Barbara has also worked for over 20 years in a number of private and nonprofit mental health settings both as a direct service provider and in mental health management. Barbara has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Eastern Illinois University and a PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Houston.