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Workshop 12

Individual Contributors—The “Other” Employee Group (aka This Isn’t Your Father’s Leadership Workshop) 

Presenters:            Jennifer Roberts, AT&T
Seth Zimmer, AT&T
Coordinator:          Amy Grubb, FBI
Despite the more common focus on supervisors and high potentials, the ability of most organizations to “get stuff done” rests on the back of the masses—those known as individual contributors. For many organizations, these employees are also the ones who represent the company’s brand...the ones who bring the company’s product or service to life. They are who the customer thinks of when the company name is mentioned. It is the salesperson, the chemist, the technician, the installer and the customer service rep. For those online customers, it is all up to the IT gurus to make the systems work. 
This workshop will take a closer look into the world of the individual contributor. We will include (a) a discussion of what talent management means and how it applies to individual contributors; (b) identification of talent management strategies tailored for specific types of individual contributors; and (c) examples and lessons learned on how talent management translates from a plan to practice. We anticipate robust discussion around the employee lifecycle—attracting, selecting, on-boarding, developing, engaging and retaining. Finally, we will discuss how talent management may mean different things to different groups of employees—white collar versus blue collar, exempt versus nonexempt, nonunion versus union. This workshop should be of interest to practitioners who are responsible for developing or implementing talent management interventions for the individual contributor population in an internal or external consulting role through workforce planning, selection and assessment, performance management, training, engagement and retention.
This workshop is designed to help participants:

1. Summarize the key principles of talent management
2. Design talent management initiatives to best serve the individual contributor population as well as the organization
3. Identify key factors to consider when designing and implementing a talent management initiative for individual contributors
4. Identify criteria for measuring and defining success in talent management
Target audience: Anyone with at least 5 years experience in a practical setting.  This session will not be optimal for those with an interest in leadership development for individual contributor populations.
Jennifer Roberts has over 15 years experience in talent management. She has held positions working in many areas across the talent management spectrum including selection, performance management, workforce management, job skill training, leadership development, attendance management, and work environment/culture at AT&T as well as at Littelfuse, Inc and Pioneer Center. In Jennifer’s current role, she is responsible for leading a team of internal consultants that provide organizational development services in the areas of strategic planning, change management, team effectiveness, employee engagement, and executive coaching to the top 700 leaders at AT&T. Jennifer received her PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Seth Zimmer has over 20 years of experience in talent management. He has held positions with SBC Communications, BellSouth and now AT&T. He has had experience in many areas of talent management during his career including recruiting, staffing, training and staffing technology. Seth currently leads a team responsible for assessment and surveys, performance management, and HR business metrics for AT&T. Seth received his PhD in industrial-organizationalpsychology from Old Dominion University.