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2012 SIOP Conference Ambassador Program

Program Update:  Due to its overwhelming success over the past two years, the SIOP Ambassador Program has returned for the 2012 SIOP Conference in San Diego! This year’s program has over 300 participants who have been matched based on academic and/or professional interests. Newcomers were able to select their SIOP Ambassadors by browsing an impressive list of biographies and selecting an Ambassador who best matched their interests. Once paired, Newcomers and Ambassadors are given the opportunity to chat once prior to the Conference and to set-up a time to meet on-site. Ambassadors are able to share with their Newcomers their knowledge and expertise about the SIOP Annual Conference, including how to get more involved in all of the activities and opportunities the Conference has to offer.

In an effort to welcome first-time attendees to the SIOP Annual Conference, we are looking for participants for the Conference Ambassador program. This program will allow new professional SIOP conference attendees (“Newcomers”) to select seasoned SIOP conference attendees (“Ambassadors”). The goal is to help the newcomer network with fellow professionals and provide a better overall conference experience for all.
Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort, including the following:
1.  Connect with the Newcomer at least once before the annual conference via e-mail or phone.
2.  Meet with the Newcomer at least once on-site at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).
3.  Help the Newcomer network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.

It is as simple as that! You can sign up to be an Ambassador (SIOP Member, Associate Member, or International Affiliate and 2 or more years attending SIOP conference) or a Newcomer (first time attending the conference) through the general conference registration process.

Our Ambassadors assist Newcomers with conference-related questions and tips for making the most of your conference experience. If you are looking for a job or internship, please sign up for the Job Placement Center.