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27th Annual Lee Hakel Doctoral Consortium

Each year, SIOP hosts a doctoral consortium, immediately preceding the annual SIOP conference. This year it will be held on April 25. The consortium will feature an impressive lineup of speakers. These academics and practitioners are chosen for their outstanding contributions to the field and unique perspectives on opportunities and challenges faced by I-O psychologists throughout their career. This consortium is designed to give upper-level doctoral students in I-O psychology and OB/HRM programs information that helps lay the groundwork for successful academic or practitioner careers in I-O psychology. Doctoral students in previous years have noted that they appreciated the consortium because it provides a rare opportunity to hear from eminent scholars and practitioners in the field and ask questions as well as to network with other doctoral students.

Quotes from last year’s participants:
“I plan to graduate next May but hadn't really begun to think about the job search process. These sessions served both as a wakeup call (as in, I need to start thinking about these issues!) and also an energizing, motivational push. I felt informed, empowered, and motivated to accomplish what I need to over the next 12 months after these sessions. The panelists were wonderful!”

“The early career preview was definitely helpful and I liked that the panelists were very honest about things that they liked and things that they did not like about their current positions. The blend of perspectives (academic vs. applied and differences within those categories) was very nice.”

“It was an absolute delight to attend the doctoral consortium this year. I have nothing but positive comments about it. It is a very practically designed program, which I found to be extremely helpful for advanced grad students. I cannot think of a session where I did not get any useful information.”

The consortium is designed for upper-level students nearing completion of their doctorates third-year students or above who have completed most or all course work and are working on their dissertations. The cost is only $70 per participant and includes breakfast and lunch as well as the program. Nomination forms will be sent out via e-mail in January to each program’s director. Enrollment will be limited to one student per program, up to a maximum of 40 participants. We encourage faculty to make student nominations as soon as registration materials arrive because students are enrolled in the order that completed applications are received. For further information on the 2012 consortium, please contact Linda Shanock at lshanock@uncc.edu.