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7th Annual Junior Faculty Consortium

On Wednesday April 25, 2012 SIOP will host the Seventh Annual Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC). The JFC is designed to assist the untenured faculty members of SIOP to develop and hone the skills needed to meet their career objectives. It has also served as a “realistic job preview” for participants considering entering academics. This year the JFC will start earlier and provide more varied experiences for the participants. As always, the JFC will include an impressive line-up of speakers as well and provide a forum for participants and speakers to interact and network. This year, the involvement of Elizabeth M. Poposki will permit JFC participants to have their choice of several concurrent sessions on topics and areas that have been requested by previous JFC participants. The concurrent sessions will permit the speakers and the participants to go into more depth on topics such as improving your research productivity, enhancing your teaching effectiveness, increasing the chances of getting external funding, some dos and don’ts regarding the tenure process, advice on how to publish more frequently, and suggestions regarding serving as a journal reviewer.  All of the JFC sessions tend to involve lively discussions. So we look forward to your participation. There is no nomination involved with the SIOP JFC. If you are willing to participate and if you are interested in learning how to enhance your competence as a Junior Faculty member, please join us for this informative, supportive, enlightening, and fun event.

The JFC changes from year to year and participants have found value in attending multiple SIOP JFCs. Whether you would be a first-time JFC participant or one of our JFC regulars, please join us for an informative, supportive, and enlightening event. Individuals with an interest in attending are encouraged to sign up early because seating for this event will be limited. Updates regarding the SIOP JFC can be found at the “Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC)” LinkedIn page which can be found at (www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2685930&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr). The cost for participating in the event is $75 and you can register for the JFC when you register for the SIOP conference. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the 2012 SIOP JFC, please contact Mark Frame at MFrame@mtsu.edu.