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Master Collaboration Session

Friday, April 27, 2012

Increasing collaboration between researchers and practitioners is critical for informing organizational practice and advancing our theories. Indeed, “Impact” is Adrienne Colella’s presidential theme this year. To further the collaborations between science and practice, there will be two presentations during the Master Collaboration session.

Participants who attend this session are eligible for 1.5 CE credits for psychology purposes. This session is designed to appeal to practitioners and academics at all levels. There is no additional cost to attend the Master Collaboration beyond the cost of basic conference registration. SIOP is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  SIOP maintains responsibility for this program and its content. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recount the requirements for developing a new measure of personality factors related to success criteria targeted at a specific population.
  • Identify issues related to working across the academic-practitioner divide.
  • Describe the process required to create a not-yet-existing executive coach management system.  
  • List the unique challenges encountered when developing and implementing an executive coach management system.

To obtain information about any of the instructors listed below, please contact siop@siop.org.

• An Academic–Practitioner Collaboration to Assess Entrepreneurial Personality 
 (John Bradberry, Bartholomew Craig)
 This presentation will describe the development of a new measure of personality factors related to entrepreneurial success. The vision for the project originated in the practitioner world, with an academic researcher being brought in to provide technical expertise. Issues related to working across the academic–practitioner divide will be discussed.

 Innovating New Frontiers: An Internal–External Partnership to Innovate Best-in-Class Executive Coaching Management Through Technology 
 (Erica Desrosiers, Brian O. Underhill)
 This presentation will focus on the collaboration process required to create a not-yet-existing executive coach management system commissioned by PepsiCo. The unique challenges encountered in developing a first-of-its-kind technology is explored, highlighting the collaborative iterative creative process between internal and external practitioner.