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SIOP Sessions Preapproved for HRCI Recertification Credit

(Wednesday, April 25; 3.5 CE hr. each)

Special Conference Sessions
(April 26-28)

1. Innovations in Computer-Based Testing: Implications for Science and Practice. 
 Craig R. Dawson, SHL, Adam W. Meade, North Carolina State University; Coordinator:  Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

2. The Art and Science of Selection: Loading up for Implementation and Sustainability. 
 Rich Cober, Marriott International, Inc., Nancy Tippins, Valtera Corporation; Coordinator: Rob Michel, Edison Electric Institute
3. Competencies as a Foundation for Integrated Talent Management. 
 Alexis A Fink, Microsoft Corporation, Juan I. Sanchez, Florida International University; Coordinator: Chris Lovato, Kenexa

Thursday Theme Track: Science and Practice Perspectives on Contemporary Workplace Discrimination  (must attend all to receive 5.5 hr. credit)

Session 10: Introduction and Keynote Address: SIOP and EEOC: Finding Common Ground
Session 25: Reducing Workplace Discrimination: Legalistic, Training, and Business-Case Perspectives
Session 54: Settling Workplace Discrimination Cases: The Dos, Don'ts, Costs, and Benefits
Session 77: Narrowing the Science–Practice Gap for Workplace Discrimination
Session 92: Scholarly Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Discrimination 

4. Engaged Employees in Flourishing Organizations. 
 William H. Macey, Valtera Corporation, Arnold B. Bakker, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands; Coordinator: Brigitte Steinheider, University of Oklahoma

Master Tutorial

Session 49: Using Biodata for Retention and Productivity in an Emerging Market   (Thursday; 1.5 hr.)

5. Reaching for the Stars: Building High Potential Talent Programs for Organizational Advantage. 
 Rob Silzer, HR Assessment and Development Inc./ Baruch College, CUNY, Sandra Davis, MDA Leadership Consulting, Jeff McHenry, Rainier Leadership Solutions
Coordinator: Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University

Master Tutorial

Session 170: Computerized Adaptive Testing: A Primer on Benefits, Design, and Implementation   (Friday; 1.5 hr.)

6. Coaching That Fits: How to Tailor the Design and Delivery of Coaching to Achieve Greater Results. 
 Anna Marie Valerio, Executive Leadership Strategies, LLC, Paul Tesluk, University at Buffalo, School of Management Coordinator: Michel Buffet, Fisher Rock Consulting

Friday Seminar

Session 112: The Science and Practice of Workplace Mentoring Relationships  (3 hr.)

7. Beyond the Misery of Change Management:  Getting Change Leadership Right. (Strategic CE);
 John B. McGuire, Center for Creative Leadership, Charles J. Palus, Center for Creative Leadership
 Coordinator: Christina Norris-Watts, Macquarie Group Limited

Master Tutorial

Session 220: Transforming Limiting Borders Into New Frontiers Through Boundary-Spanning Leadership   (Saturday; 2 hr.)

8. Talent Management in Action: Game of Thrones. 
 Allan H. Church, PepsiCo, Janine Waclawski, Pepsi Beverage Company, John Scott, APTMetrics
 Coordinator: Erica Desrosiers, PepsiCo

Legal Update: Insights and Best Practices From Plaintiff, Enforcement Agency and Employer Perspectives. Eric M. Dunleavy, DCI Consulting Group, Cyrus Mehri, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC;  Coordinator: Laura Heaton, The Hershey Company 



General Conference Sessions
(21 general recertification credit hours for attending an approved session during each available time block
– details here)

Session 13: Building Global Leaders: What Does It Take?
Session 18: Innovative Methods of Gathering Employee and Applicant Data
Session 24: Recent Innovations at the Item Level for Better Assessment
Session 30: Issues and Methodologies in Wage and Hour Cases
Session 36: Leader Developmental Readiness: Toward Evidence-Based Practice
Session 43: The “Real” Work-Family Interface: Advancing Theory via Contextualization
Session 46: Leadership Development in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous World
Session 56: The Science of Teams: Learning From the Extremes
Session 59: Back Into the Web: New Directions in Applicant Attraction Research
Session 68: Contingent Workers: Adding Value or Just Cheap Labor?
Session 71: Teams and Networks
Session 80: e-HRM: New Ideas for the Digital Age

Session 103: Racial Differences in Personnel Selection: Complex Findings and Ongoing Research
Session 122: Positive Psychology in the Work-Family Interface: Bridging the Gap
Session 124: Setting Standards for Diversity and Inclusion: Working With SHRM (Strategic CE)
Session 127: 360 Degree Feedback: An Essential Commodity for Leadership Development
Session 140: Chasing the Tortoise: Zeno’s Paradox in Technology-Based Assessment
Session 141: Leading First Through Self-Awareness and Self-Development, and Role Modeling


Session 145: Millennials: Ready to Lead or Be Led?
Session 147: By Land, Air, and Sea: Applications in Training Needs Assessment
Session 153: Current Research in Advanced Assessment Technologies
Session 182: Overqualification Across Cultures: Applicability of Established and New Models
Session 199: Building a Science of Learner Control in Training: Current Perspectives
Session 204: Religion in the Workplace: Promoting Diversity and Combating Discrimination
Session 205: Expanding Work and Family Scholarship and Practice: Considering New Populations

Session 216: Understanding and Leveraging Context in Leadership Development
Session 224: Building a World-Class Career Development Program for Veterans Affairs
Session 229: Assessing Video Resumés: Valuable and/or Vulnerable to Biased Decision Making?
Session 244: Disability in the Workplace: Contemporary Challenges Beyond ADA Compliance
Session 263: Leaders and the Work-Family Interface: They Provide More Than Support
Session 267: Novel Perspectives on Employment Discrimination
Session 281: The Role of Social Networks on Positive Work-Family Interactions
Session 287: Explorations in Leader Criterion Space: Behavior, Performance, Outcomes
Session 295: New Directions in Research on Recruitment in Organizations
Session 312: Perspectives on Organizational Change