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Seminar 2

Humanitarian Work Psychology: Supply Meets Demand

Note: No CE credit is available for this seminar.


Humanitarian Work Psychology (HWP) uses I-O to promote decent work, reduce poverty, and achieve equitable, inclusive, sustainable development worldwide. In addition to introducing I-Os to HWP, this seminar will help connect HWP supply (I-O psychologists) with HWP demand (workers, humanitarian outreach organizations) through face-to-face networking opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Describe what humanitarian work psychology is;
  • Recognize the integral role of decent work in reducing poverty and achieving equitable, inclusive, sustainable development worldwide;
  • Recognize how humanitarian work psychology can assist vulnerable populations, promote decent work, and help organizations with pro-social missions;
  • Help attendees recognize how humanitarian work psychology fits with their expertise, interests, and goals;
  • Connect with others interested in humanitarian work psychology;
  • Advance humanitarian work psychology research and/or practice;
  • Network with humanitarian outreach organizations that might benefit from attendees’ knowledge and expertise, thereby creating opportunities for research/practice collaborations.

Presenter Bios:

Lori Foster Thompson is a professor of psychology at North Carolina State University, where she leads the IOTech4D lab devoted to research at the intersection of work, psychology, technology, and global development. Her scholarship focuses on how technology and industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology can together enrich and improve work carried out for, with, and by people in lower-income settings, for the purpose of addressing the most pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges facing our world today. Lori is a Fellow of the APA, APS, and SIOP. In 2010, she was appointed an EU Erasmus Mundus Scholar in Humanitarian Work Psychology.  She serves as a SIOP representative to the United Nations and is a member of the United Nations Psychology Coalition’s Executive Committee and SIOP’s Executive Board. She holds a Ph.D. in I-O psychology from the University of South Florida.

Telma Viale is the Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for the United Nations in New York and Special Representative to the United Nations. Prior to that post, she served as: Director of the Human Resource Development Department at the ILO in Geneva; Chief of Human Resources Services of the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy; Senior Human Resources Officer covering the Latin American region and the Arab States as well as the Employment and Social Protection sectors; Senior Policy Officer in Human Resources Services at the World Health Organization; and Head of Staffing in the Human Resources Department at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva. Telma has also held various administrative posts in the United Nations secretariat and the United Nations Development Programme and has undertaken field assignments in Mozambique and Afghanistan. She holds a M.A. degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University.

Chair: Rustin D. Meyer, Georgia Tech