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Workshop 12

Psychometrics for the Rest of Us, Practical Answers to Common Measurement Questions

Presenter: Jeff Foster, Hogan Assessment Systems

Coordinator: Laura Heaton, The Hershey Company

Target Audience: Introductory. This workshop is appropriate for individuals who (a) do not have a strong statistical background or (b) could benefit from a refresher course of common statistical techniques used in I-O Psychology.


This workshop will review basic statistical techniques commonly used by SIOP members. We will focus on how to be good consumers of this information and ways to present statistical results to laypersons. Topics covered will include correlation and regression, group comparisons, and methods for constructing and evaluating surveys and assessments.

Detailed Description:

Whether we are everyday or only casual consumers of statistical methods and results, I-O psychologists are regularly faced with statistical evidence to interpret and communicate back to clients. The primary goal of this workshop is to serve as a refresher course for individuals seeking to reacquaint themselves with statistical methods and approaches commonly used in I-O Psychology. We will cover topics such as correlation and regression, group comparisons, reliability and validity, and methods for constructing and evaluating surveys and assessments. 

Using real-world examples, we will emphasize methods for not only being good users and consumers of statistical results but for presenting results to others in ways that are impactful and easy to understand. The workshop will combine elements of data analysis, item construction and evaluation, and methods for presenting results to clients and customers.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Read, interpret, and evaluate common statistical results
  • Develop and evaluate new surveys and assessments
  • Explore common psychometric concepts such as reliability and validity
  • Present statistical results to others

Jeff Foster, Ph.D., is the Director of Research and Development at Hogan Assessment Systems. He specializes in job analysis, performance appraisal, test development, and test validation. He directs the accumulation of research evidence and efforts to implement and communicate results to clients and partners. His division performs hundreds of job-related research studies every year.