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2017 Workshop Titles, Presenters, and Abstracts

Each workshop is available in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

1. Unpacking New Insights: Visualizing Data to Access the Inaccessible. Christopher Antonik, Air Force Research Laboratory; Chantale Wilson, Air Force Research Laboratory

This workshop will equip I-O and HR professionals with the tools they need to develop compelling data visualizations. The presenters will guide attendees step-by-step through a data representation process, including techniques, examples, and opportunities for practice and application. The workshop will highlight specific software tools that can be used to build various types of representations and provide brief tutorials to get users started in generating their own visualizations.

2. Building Your Strategic Talent Analytics Function. Alexis Fink, Intel Corporation; Cameron Kennedy, Independent HR Analytics Consultant

This workshop will provide practical advice and guidance for effectively building or growing a Strategic Talent Analytics team. The presenters will address topics including basic infrastructure, data management and data governance, key priorities in team composition, and strategic influencing approaches to obtain results that have impact.

3. Using Stories to Drive Change and Employee Engagement. David Drake, Center for Narrative Coaching

This workshop will teach the foundations (theory, principles, and best practices) of narrative design. It draws on the research-based components of narrative design to teach participants how to effectively use stories to engage people in change and create cultures of contribution. This workshop will not only increase participants’ own narrative capabilities, but also provide knowledge and tools that can be utilized when coaching leaders and developing change agents.

4. Redesigning Performance Management: Assumptions, Choices and RoadblocksAlan Colquitt, Eli Lilly; Anu Ramesh, Google, Inc.; Tom Killen, TIAA

Performance Management philosophy and redesign has been a hot topic over the last several years. This session will leverage real-word experiences from three companies who have gone through their own PM journeys, focusing not just on what they did, but also why they did it and what they wished they had done differently. Participants will experience a very interactive session, leaving with a deeper understanding of the assumptions and beliefs that guide their thinking as well as concrete suggestions for a design structure that can be applied to their own companies.

5. #ThinkDifferent: DIY - New Techniques for a New AgeSubhadra Dutta, Twitter; Hailey Herleman, IBM; Don Moretti, Sears Holdings Corporation

The workshop is designed to introduce and develop a mindset of thinking beyond existing tools of data collection and experimentation, covering the areas of talent acquisition, employee sensing, and performance management/feedback. We will share examples, perspectives, and learnings from multiple organizations to help the audience walk away with a mindset of thinking differently with existing data and tools.

6. Built to Last: Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Selection SystemsNancy Tippins, CEB / Gartner; Jerard Kehoe, Selection and Assessment Consulting

This workshop will describe important technical and practical requirements for the design and implementation of sustainable selection systems. Pragmatic considerations relating to measuring, administering, and validating selection procedures will be discussed with a significant focus on the organization context and on the management of the selection system.

7. Legal Update: Plaintiff and Defense Attorney Perspectives on Data, Statistics, and RiskEric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting Group Inc.; Scott Morris, Illinois Institute of Technology; David Ross, Seyfarth Shaw; Cyrus Mehri, Mehri & Skalet

The I-O and attorney presenters will work together to provide a brief summary of significant case law and regulatory updates, describe various EEO scenarios related to personnel selection (e.g., using big data for hiring), identify key EEO questions, debate approaches to statistical analyses for both disparate impact and pattern or practice scenarios, and summarize implications for I-O and HR professionals.

8. Honing Your Statistical Superpowers: From Traditional Methods to Big DataRodney A. McCloy, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO); Frederick L. Oswald, Rice University

Many I-O and HR practitioners work with suboptimal datasets that impose difficulties for statistical analyses—difficulties frequently not taught or emphasized in graduate school. Even with well-structured data, the statistical choices available can lead to application of inappropriate techniques. Additionally, unfamiliar techniques from the field of machine learning are becoming more prevalent, presenting challenges for practitioners working with data or evaluating colleagues’ work. This workshop will present a refresher on some important statistical concepts and a primer on the basics of several machine learning methods.

9. Half-Day MBA 2.0: Becoming a Better Business PartnerWayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado Denver; Pete Ramstad, Capella Education Company

This workshop will introduce two broad themes: developing HR strategy and principles of corporate finance. Although a comprehensive review of either topic is not possible, the session will focus on the key themes/choices required to build a sound HR strategy while using the concepts and principles of corporate finance to articulate the value of these strategies in business language (with the ultimate goal of more effectively influencing senior leaders).

10. Leaders Employees Absolutely Love: Assessing and Developing the Next Generation of Successful LeadersJack W. Wiley, Manchester University; Sandra L. Davis, MDA Leadership Consulting

This workshop will review global research describing what employees most want from their top leaders and the relationship of those values to organizational performance. Methods for helping senior leaders increase their effectiveness and techniques for identifying next generation c-suite leaders with the capacity to engage their followers will be reviewed.

11. Maximizing Resilience at Work: Practical Interventions for Individuals and Teams. Miriam Nelson, Aon Hewitt; Michael Pearn, Pearn Consulting LLC

The workshop will provide a framework for understanding resilience. A wide range of practical tools will be presented that will help build the participants’ own resilience, and that can also be used to build resilience in others and incorporated into leadership and personal development programs.

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