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Friday Seminar 5: Creating Dynamic Data Visualizations through Visual Note-Taking

Friday, April 20, 2018
3:00pm – 6:00pm
Huron Room


Dusty Folwarczny, The Ink Factory


Andrea Bizarro, JetBlue Airways


Creative and dynamic data visualizations are powerful tools for I-O Psychologists and HR professionals. Often, consumers of our research are not data savvy; therefore, tables and charts may not have the desired impact. This seminar will expand creative toolkits and introduce the art of visual note-taking, applying this skill to data visualization.

Full Description:

This session, led by artist and former management consultant Dusty Folwarczny, will introduce participants to visual note-taking and how to transform sources of qualitative data, like open-ended responses, feedback, or spoken words into immersive and informative drawings that will help users remember information. Dusty has worked with many large corporations to help them communicate visually and transform their input into visual experiences. Attendees will get hands-on experience on how to improve their visual note-taking skills through real-time practice and fun exercises with the Ink Factory. Attendees will learn methods for how developing their data visualization skills and organizing qualitative information in a more engaging way than words and numbers on a page assists with communication in the workplace. Participants with all levels of artistic ability are welcome!

Intended Audience:

This session is intended for a general audience at a post-graduate level; no specific content knowledge is required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the basic principles of visual note-taking to work
  • Summarize complex ideas using simple, visual metaphors
  • Demonstrate beginner-level skill at drawing visual notes
  • Explain why visual note taking is more effective than other methods

Presenter Biography:

Dusty Folwarczny was born and raised in the Show Me State (AKA Missouri) in a small country town named Winfield. She earned a BFA in Sculpture from Truman State University and made her way to the Windy City. She started out sculpting and working in the management consulting space. After half a decade of independent contracting, it was time to co-found Ink Factory (http://inkfactorystudio.com) with Lindsay Roffe and Ryan Robinson. Dusty uses her people skills and big picture mindset to connect the dots at Ink Factory. Dusty has an uncanny ability to see a small needle in a large haystack. She’s always generating ideas and loves to foster new partnerships. In her other life, Dusty is a professional sculptor complete with a welding studio. She sits on the Advisory Board of Chicago Sculpture International (a local non-profit) and enjoys networking. You can view her steel sculptures in public places around Chicago or at dustyfolwarczny.com. Her favorite extracurricular activities include grocery shopping, starting a community garden, hosting supper clubs, sailing, scavenging, and working on her new old home with her beau.

Coordinator: Andrea Bizarro, JetBlue Airways


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