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SIOP 2018 Placement Center

presented by 

Tim McGonigle and Jacqueline Spencer
Placement Committee Chair and Co-Chair

What is the Placement Center?

Placement Center is a virtual job board where job seekers can upload their resume, organizations can post job openings, and both groups can search the database for individuals/organizations that match their desired search criteria. At the SIOP Annual Conference, there is a designated location in the Sheraton Grand Chicago for the Placement Center where employers can connect with job seekers and conduct in person interviews. Registration is required to participate.

How do I register for the Placement Center?

The Placement Center can be purchased anytime during the normal conference registration process, which is now open.

What are the benefits of participating in the Placement Center?

For job seekers, the Placement Center offers:

  • Access to an online job board with job postings (both academic and applied) specifically for I-O job seekers.
  • The opportunity to engage in mock interviews with experienced I-O professionals and receive valuable interview feedback.
  • An onsite interview area where job seekers can meet with potential employers.
  • An onsite computer area for job seekers to upload an updated version of their resume or search job listings.

For employers, the Placement Center offers:

  • The ability to post up to four job openings (included in one subscription fee).
  • Access to an online job board with resumes of I-O talent seeking job opportunities.
  • An onsite interview area to meet with interested candidates in person.
  • An onsite computer area for employers to upload updated job listings or search through job seeker resumes.

What can I expect when I register for the Placement Center?

The Placement Center is NOT an open marketplace. Job seekers and employers should plan to schedule interviewers in advance of the conference.

  • Once registered, job seekers and employers will upload resumes and/or job postings into the password-protected database. Both parties are able to conduct searches of the database and identify potential jobs or candidates that best fit their needs.
  • To maximize the benefits of participation, we recommend registering at least 2 weeks prior to the conference to allow job seekers/employers sufficient time to search the database. However, registration is still permitted at any time throughout the conference.
  • Access to the database will not end with the conference. Both parties can continue to review resumes and job postings through June 30, 2018.

How can I maximize the benefits of participating in the Placement Center?

For job seekers:

  • Once you have registered, visit http://my.siop.org/placement. When your resume is ready, submit it and make sure that “Approved” status is selected to display your resume online for employers to see. You may change it to “Deactivated” at any time.
  • If you wish to remain entirely anonymous, do not enter any resume information.
  • Review the job openings and proactively reach out to the contacts listed on the job postings.
  • Aim to schedule interviews in advance of the SIOP conference.
  • Use the physical space provided by the Placement Center during the conference to hold your scheduled interviews with prospective employers.
  • Continue to visit the Placement Center database regularly to view updated and newly added job openings.

For employers:

  • Once registered you’ll have access to a database of resumes. Review posted resumes and schedule interviews in advance in advance of the SIOP conference.
  • Use the physical space provided by the Placement Center during the conference to hold your scheduled interviews with prospective job seekers.
  • Continue to visit the Placement Center database regularly to view updated and newly added resumes.

What are the Placement Center registration fees?

  • $50 for SIOP Student Affiliates
  • $75 for professional members
  • $100 for non-members
  • $225 for employers (post up to 4 job openings)

The Placement Center hours of operation during SIOP 2018 are:

  • Wednesday April 18: 3:00PM TO 5:00PM
  • Thursday April 19: 8:00AM TO 5:30PM
  • Friday April 20:  8:00AM TO 5:30PM
  • Saturday April 21: 8:00AM TO NOON

Location Information: 

  • Check in/ Waiting area - Pullman
  • Interview rooms - Old Town and Bucktown
  • Mock Interviews room - Lakeview


Please visit Placement Center FAQ page.

Please contact Placement@siop.org for general assistance or lnader@siop.org for technical assistance.

What do previous participants think about the Placement Center?

“The resources and services provided by the SIOP Placement Center helped me to find my current position. Searching for jobs relevant to the I-O psychology field can be a challenging task. Using the Placement Center’s job database, I was able to find roles relevant to my career aspirations and communicate with employers looking for candidates with my experience, skillset, and education. After scheduling interviews for the conference weekend, I elected to sign up for the Placement Center’s Mock Interview Program. I was able to meet with a professor at the conference who provided feedback and encouragement in preparation for the real interviews. The Placement Center was instrumental in my job search and made finding a job much easier for me.” 

–David O’Connell, former Placement Center participant

“Utilizing the SIOP placement center jump started my career and professional network. While in graduate school, I was limited to networking with my alumni network and cohort. The Placement Center enabled me to gain access to opportunities outside of my small professional network. I was able to obtain my first job out of graduate school utilizing the Placement Center. Aside from gaining my first professional I-O job, I was also able to network with additional mentors with who I still remain in contact. The Placement Center process was efficient, convenient, and very beneficial. The Placement Center opened up many avenues professionally and I am extremely appreciative of this SIOP service.”

–Kaitlyn Mikush, former Placement Center participant

“Not only was I able to obtain a job by participating in the Placement Center, but I was able to network with other I-O psychology professionals. As a candidate who was finishing up graduate school, I did not have many professional connections. I think that it is safe to say that my professional network tripled because of my involvement in the Placement Center. I was able to interview with multiple organizations from all over the country without spending multiple days traveling back and forth, while networking with a variety of professionals at various stages in their career.”

–Brittany VanArkel, former Placement Center participant

We want your feedback! If you previously participated in the Placement Center and would like to share your experience with us, please email Placement@siop.org

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