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1999 Conference Registration Information for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.

Atlanta Marriott Marquis
April 30–May 2, 1999 Workshops: April 29, 1999

Ronald D. Johnson
University of Scranton

Greetings from the Conference Chair

The last thing that you need is to read a long message from someone who can neither help you get a hotel room when the conference hotel is full or get you into a sold-out workshop. Understanding my limited role, I will be brief. Over the past 6 years, Bill Macey and Katherine Klein have led the SIOP Conferences and have implemented many enhancements to our conference experience. It is my desire that your experience in Atlanta this spring be your best ever. I can assure you that you have a team of SIOP volunteers (and the SIOP Administrative Office) dedicated to helping you have an excellent conference.

As you begin the registration process, let me provide you with a few reminders. This is the second year of "centralized registration." ALL advance, conference-related (non-hotel) registration is being handled by the Administrative Office. Thus, you will mail all of your registration materials to Bowling Green. The pages that follow will guide you through the registration process. If you have registration questions, please contact the Administrative Office.

As was true last year, we will not have a luncheon. Rather, the conference will have an evening event—still being planned. Details will be available in the Conference Program.

Since Delta Air Lines is the dominant air carrier in Atlanta, I encourage you to use them if you can. We have selected them as our official airline and details on airfare discounts to the Conference are available inside the back cover of this booklet.

Trivia—I personally find it of interest that one member of this year’s conference planning committee once served as a graduate student volunteer at SIOP registration!

Questions: If you have questions, please see the inside front cover for directions on how to contact the appropriate person for your question.

Prepare to make the 14th Annual SIOP Conference your best SIOP Conference ever. I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.


1999 SIOP Annual Conference Special Notices


Program Update

On November 14, 1998, the 1999 SIOP Conference Program Planning Committee met in New Orleans to make final program decisions and to schedule program sessions. The committee members in attendance were Steve Ashworth, Murray Barrick, Allan Church, Jose Cortina, Michelle Gelfand, Jack Kennedy, Ron Landis, Debbie Major, Mickey Quinoes, Joan Rentsch, Heather Roberts-Fox, Phil Roth, John Scott, and Paul Tesluk. Due to the large number of high-quality submissions and the extension of conference programming this year to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday (May 2), the Planning Committee scheduled three full days of program sessions. In addition, the Sunday programming will include a new poster session. Please keep this expanded scheduling in mind when making room reservations and travel plans to Atlanta.

Michael J. Burke, Tulane University

A Note About Smoking

Atlanta City Ordinances allow smoking only in designated sleeping rooms and outside the hotel. No smoking is permitted in public areas inside the hotel.

New SIOP Conference Cancellation Policy

Every year the SIOP Conference has increased in importance, complexity, and size. Last year attendance topped 2,500 people! The SIOP Executive Committee is dedicated to making the Conference a vital and valuable part of the growth and development of both the field and SIOP’s membership. As part of that effort, a new conference cancellation policy has been instituted to defray the expenses associated with cancellations and to keep Conference fees to a minimum.

Beginning this year, Conference registration fees will be refunded until April 23rd, less $35.00—approximately the cost of food, materials, and administrative time. Essentially, all the money that has not yet been spent in time or financial commitments will be returned. Therefore, there will be no refund for students. Members and Foreign Affiliates will receive a refund of $30.00, and non-members, $95.00. After April 23rd, no refunds will be given. This policy refers only to Conference registration fees. The cancellation policy for Workshop can be found Here.


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Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Reservation Form


Student Volunteers at SIOP:
What You Need to Know


SIOP Job Placement Services:
What You Need to Know


Pre-Conference CNN Studio Tour:
What You Need To Know


Pre-Conference Workshops:
What You Need To Know


Pre-Conference Workshops:


8th Annual SIOP 5K Race/Fun Run:
What You Need to Know and Entry Form


1999 SIOpen Golf Outing


Registration Form

For a copy of the registration form which you can print out,
fill out and fax or mail back with your payment, click here.



Pre-Registration for the Conference, Pre-Conference Workshops,

Pre-Conference Tours, Job Placement Services,

5K Road Race/Fun Run and/or SIOpen Golf Outing:

March 15, 1999

Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Reservations (Conference Rate):

March 28, 1999

(Note that rooms at the conference rate may sell out before this date)



Fly Delta Air Lines and you can save 5% to 15% off any regular airfare to SIOP. To get the discount, call Delta Meeting Network Reservations at (800) 241–6760 or have your travel agent call for you and mention SIOP’s File: 121928A.

If you make your reservations at least 60 days in advance of your first flight, you’ll save 10% off any discounted fare, and 15% off full coach fares, from anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, or from selected Caribbean islands. If you make your reservations less than 60 days and more than 7 days before your first flight, you’ll save 5% off any discounted fare, and 10% off full coach fares, from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

SIOP earns one free round-trip airfare within the continental U.S. for every 40 round-trip flights booked through this service. SIOP uses these certificates for official SIOP business (e.g., visits to investigate future sites for the SIOP conference), so please consider flying Delta to this year’s Conference.



Taxis from the airport to The Atlanta Marriott Marquis typically run about $17.00 one way.

The Atlanta Airport Shuttle picks up passengers at the airport’s Ground Transportation—Shuttle #10 bay every 15–20 minutes between 7:00 am and 11:00 p.m. Reservation must be made for pick ups at any other time. The one way cost is $10.00 for door-to-door service. Roundtrips are $17.00.

MARTA, Atlanta’s public transit, runs from the airport to Peachtree Center, a mall connected by a walkway to the hotel. It’s about a five-minute walk from the mall to the lobby. One way cost is $1.50.


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