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Workshop 5 (Half Day)

Here to Stay: Implementing Selection Programs that Last

Sally Hartmann
Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Don Moretti

Do your company’s senior managers understand the importance of professional selection? What role testing can and should play? The added value testing provides? And even if they do understand, do they think you can get them there "yesterday"? In this Workshop, two pros will describe successful selection programs at Sears and Motorola, summarize learnings, and provide integrated recommendations. Furthermore, they will ask participants to describe their own barriers in this area and will facilitate a discussion on how to overcome those barriers.


Recently, Sally Hartmann was responsible for constructing and implementing a new entry-level management selection process for Sears. Her overall goal was to design, package, and implement a fully integrated, up-to-date, highly professional, valid selection process that could and would be widely used by hiring managers with varying degrees of sophistication in testing. One component of the project was to develop and validate a new management selection test to replace Sears’ highly regarded and long-used Executive Test Battery. Sally will describe the background and development of the new Management Selection Toolkit, and its validation and implementation. She will share her strategies for selling the new selection tests to potential users, training test administrators in their use, and orchestrating the acceptance of the new testing program as part of the selection program for Sears’ managers.


Don will describe a highly successful selection-testing program implemented globally at Motorola under his direction to select hourly manufacturing workers. He will describe the development of the program, the new test battery itself, the validity research conducted, and the tests’ implementation in his organization. He will also share with participants his process for conducting an ROI utility study for the new test battery which was highly effective in selling the test battery to executives and which won for his group Motorola’s highest honor, the CEO Quality Award.


This Workshop should be of interest to any in-house or consulting practitioners who want to improve their success rate in demonstrating the value of selection programs within organizations. Participants will come away with in-depth information about two state-of-the-art selection testing programs and will have been able to share ideas with other participants about strategies for creating and implementing selection programs that last.


Sally Hartmann received a Ph.D. in I-O psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1982 and joined Sears in 1984. In her current assignment as Vice President, HR Planning and Research, she and her team consult with all parts of the corporation on selection and performance management processes, multi-rater feedback systems, attitude survey programs, senior level succession planning, and various other initiatives. She has been deeply involved in Sears’ transformation efforts and provides direct support to Sears’ balanced scorecard reporting system. Sally served as chair of SIOP’s Education and Workshop Committee for 3 years.


Don Moretti is Corporate Director of Strategic Human Resources Selection and Assessment with Motorola, based at Corporate Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Don and his team provide global leadership and management of Motorola’s testing, selection, and skills assessment programs. Along with his team, Don was recently awarded Motorola’s highest honor, the prestigious CEO Quality Award—only the 5th given in HR Motorola history—for work on the ROI of Skills Testing. A graduate of Elmhurst College, Don earned his M.A. in experimental psychology and his Ph.D. in I-O psychology from DePaul University in Chicago. Don’s background includes both teaching and senior consulting experiences prior to joining Motorola. He currently serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Consulting Psychology Journal, and the Journal of Business and Psychology.

Coordinator: Rog Taylor, State Farm Insurance Company

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