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Workshop 6 (Half Day)

Marketing and Strategy for the I-O Psychologist

Donna L. Neumann and Joanne Provo
Personnel Decisions International (PDI)

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the strategic importance of investing in human resources. Organizations that closely align HR interventions with business strategy are able to gain significant competitive advantage. As a result, I-O psychologists need to have a good understanding of organizational strategy and its implications.


This Workshop will provide an introduction to some of the most commonly used marketing and strategy models and terminology. The session will include presentations, case studies, and application exercises designed to illustrate the value of translating organizational strategy into opportunities for HR interventions.


Topics will include:

  • Overview of several of the most well-known and commonly used marketing and strategy models.
  • How to contribute your knowledge of workforce capabilities to the strategy formulation and implementation process.
  • "Do’s and don’ts;" What we can learn from well-known successes and failures in the knowledge economy.

Donna L. Neumann is a consultant at Personnel Decisions International (PDI). After earning her master’s degree in Finance and Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, she held positions in planning, operations development, and training at several consumer products companies: The Pillsbury Company, Burger King Corporation, and Pepsi-Cola Company. Donna is the co-creator and instructor of two educational programs for HR professionals: "Increasing Business Impact as an HR Manager" and "Enhancing Your Role as a Strategic Partner." She works with clients on measuring and improving the value created by HR investments, and also contributes her business expertise to the design of PDI’s assessment tools.

Joanne Provo is a consultant at Personnel Decisions International (PDI). She received her M.B.A. from DePaul University, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Human Resource Development at the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining PDI, Joanne held a variety of positions in finance, organizational strategy, and planning at United Defense, L.P., FMC Corporation, Northrop Corporation, and Republic Precious Metals. She assists organizations in aligning their strategic objectives with Human Resource initiatives to enhance performance. Joanne has extensive teaching and training experience in the areas of financial planning and analysis, human resource development, organizational strategy, and decision skills. She is a member of the Executive MBA faculty at the University of St. Thomas.

Coordinator: Blake A. Frank, University of Dallas

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