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Workshop 7 (Half Day)

Accounting and Finance for the I-O Psychologist

Peter M. Ramstad and Paul R. Bly
Personnel Decisions International (PDI)

Finance is the language of business. While I-O psychologists have significant measurement expertise, they may lack knowledge of the basic measures of capital such as; net present value (NPV), return on investment (ROI), earnings per share (EPS), and so forth.

This Workshop will cover the basics of financial reporting and analysis in a systematic fashion. Topics will include:

  • Sources of financial data.
  • Definitions of key terms and concepts.
  • Principles for enhancing market value.
  • Operational analysis.
  • Topics of special interest to HR professionals.

Peter M. Ramstad is Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Personnel Decisions International (PDI). Pete began his career in public accounting, rising to the ranks of partner in a major public accounting firm. Since joining PDI 8 years ago, he has spent a significant amount of time adapting financial models and tools to help HR professionals make better investment decisions. Pete has taught Finance, Accounting, and Strategy in many environments, including the University of Minnesota Executive Education program, Human Resource conferences, and state and local bar associations. He specializes in making business concepts accessible and relevant to HR professionals.

Paul R. Bly is a consultant at Personnel Decisions International (PDI). He has an M.S. in I-O psychology from Texas A&M University, where he did additional work in Finance and Accounting. Since joining PDI, he has developed staff planning models, designed and delivered training courses on analyzing the economic impact of HR investments, and consulted with organizations on measuring the ROI of training programs. In other settings, he has played a leading role in designing a system for auditing performance measurement systems, and has assisted with the design and delivery of assessment centers.

Coordinator: Blake A. Frank, University of Dallas

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