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Workshop 8 (Half Day)

Successful Succession Planning

Jeffrey McHenry
Microsoft Corporation

Brian Stern
Saville & Holdsworth, Ltd.

Patrick Pinto
Pinto Consulting Group

One of the inherent challenges facing any organization is identifying and developing individuals who are capable of leading the organization to success in the future. An effective succession planning system, tightly linked to a strong leader development program, is one of the primary means for ensuring leadership continuity.

The principal goal of this Workshop is to help practitioners design or upgrade their succession planning system. The Workshop will include a mix of presentation, discussion, and hands-on exercises. During the course of the Workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about four major models/approaches to succession planning.
  • Discuss the critical design elements that must be considered in developing a succession planning process.
  • Review the results of a survey of succession planning practices at a sample of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Learn how to use a competency model to link succession planning to an organization’s business strategy and culture.
  • Practice using a competency model to make judgments about potential successors and their development needs.

The Workshop will be principally targeted at succession planning professionals. Those who will benefit the most are experienced succession planning professionals interested in benchmarking their organization’s practices against other organizations or picking up new tips and pointers from fellow professionals. Similarly, the Workshop will be useful to those professionals who have recently been given a new assignment for succession planning and are interested in learning what approaches are available. The plan for the Workshop is to include both discussion time—so participants can learn from one another, and hands-on exercise time—so participants can gain first-hand experience working with succession planning tools. We also welcome participants with an interest in succession planning who simply want to learn more about the topic.

Jeffrey McHenry has held a variety of HR positions at Microsoft, including Director of Executive and Management Development, where he was responsible for identification and development of high-potential managers. Jeff is currently Human Resources Director for Microsoft’s Product Support Services, where he is in the midst of implementing a succession planning process and leadership development program for the division’s high-potential managers. Jeff received his Ph.D. in differential psychology from the University of Michigan in 1988.

Brian Stern is Managing Director of the Cleveland office of Saville & Holdsworth, Ltd. Brian specializes in helping clients develop human resource management strategies that support their business objectives. Much of his work is in the area of management development, organizational assessment, selection system design and competency analysis, and development. Brian received his Ph.D. in I-O psychology from George Washington University in 1987.

Patrick Pinto is President of the Phoenix-based Pinto Consulting Group, a firm specializing in human resource planning and development. His areas of expertise include executive succession planning, management development, performance measurement, training, and career development. Pat has run workshops on succession planning and management development throughout the world. Patrick received his Ph.D. in industrial psychology from the University of Georgia in 1970.

Coordinator: Alberto J. Galu, GTE Telephone Operations

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