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 Small Grant Award 2007

Tracy Rizzuto of Louisiana State University and Julio Silva of Rush University Medical Center Healthcare Technology received their grant for their study "Training at Intersection of Workforce Aging and Innovation."

Research summary


Eva Derous of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ann Marie Ryan of Michigan State were awarded a grant to examine “University Hiring Discrimination Against Arabs: Interaction with Applicant, Job, and Recruiter Characteristics.”

Research summary


Aaron Schmidt of University of Akron and Michael Gillespie and Lindsey Kotrba, both of Denison Consulting, are recipients of a small grant award for their study “Profiles in Culture:  Establishing the Link Between Configurations of Organizational Culture.”

Research Summary


"Testing the Efficacy of a New Procedure in Reducing Faking in Personality Tests in Selection Contexts" earned Jinyan Fan of Hofstra University and Felix Lopez of Lopez and Associates a small grant award.

Research summary



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