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2018 Dunnette Prize Address Video Debuts August 22

Register for a link to view Dr. Tom Bouchard’s Address at the 2018 SIOP Conference

The Dunnette Prize Address recording from the 2018 SIOP Annual Conference will debut on August 22. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the SIOP Foundation awarded the second Dunnette Prize to Dr. Thomas J. Bouchard, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, for his contributions to the study of individual differences in personality as leader of the groundbreaking Minnesota Study of Twins Raised Apart (MISTRA).

Bouchard’s conference address, “Finding Out How Things Work,” combines a comprehensive and well-documented scientific history of the work with a compelling story about people doing science. The video includes a link to the presentation slides, making it a valuable teaching resource. Register here for a link to view the video....Read more

SIOP apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the recent failure of siop.org. The staff are acutely aware of the website’s central role in SIOP’s member services and the organization’s public profile, and are disappointed this occurred. We began a large-scale project earlier this year to redesign the site and migrate it to a cloud-based server, to avoid just such a failure and to provide a better user experience through streamlined information presentation. The server failed before we were ready to make the move. But siop.org is now on the cloud, we are working to restore full functionality, and the redesign continues. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing superior service on the new website soon.

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Heed the Call

The call for proposals for the 2019 SIOP Annual Conference is now open

Before you rush to submit your work for the 2019 SIOP Conference, be sure to read the Call for Proposals (CFP). Prepared by Program Chair Tracey Rizzuto, this valuable document provides all the information you need to make sure your proposal follows all the submission requirements, which can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection....Read more

Congratulations to Our Early Bird Winners!
SIOP understands that finances can be tight for Student Affiliates and wanted to help by offering an early bird renewal Read more...
Vacation Time Recharges U.S. Workers
But Positive Effects Vanish Within Days, New Survey Finds WASHINGTON -- Taking time off helps the majority of U.S. workers recover Read more...
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Become A Better Research Reviewer

SIOP and CARMA Offer Free Online Sessions to Sharpen Your Skills

SIOP is collaborating with CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, to present three live international panels on reviewer development on Wednesday, August 22. The live sessions are part of a workshop series...Read more