Great China Region Project

SIOP Virtual Programming
for Great China Region

About the Program

This SIOP offering provides virtual learning programs with exceptional industrial-organizational psychology content and knowledge to institutions located in the Great China Region. The program offering may include such activities as virtual workshops, virtual short courses, and small in-person conferences. A tentative plan of the offering includes:


Academic Year 2022-2023

There will be eight virtual workshops (four in the fall semester and four in the spring semester). The workshops can be in the forms of lectures or active learning sessions. All of the workshops will be synchronous and delivered via an exclusive channel for institutional members. Recorded workshops will be available on-demand without identifiers for audience. 


Academic Year 2023-2024

In addition to the access to previously recorded virtual workshops, there will be an additional eight synchronous virtual workshops, plus a virtual short course (4-5 days) in the summer. 

Academic Year 2024-2025

In addition to the access to previously recorded virtual workshops, there will be another eight synchronous virtual workshops and one virtual short course. Program participants will also be invited to a small in-person conference sponsored by institutional partners for sharing professional knowledge (research and practices) in the region. In addition, this small conference will offer students opportunities to give presentations and receive feedback.

Participant Eligibility and Program Pricing

Participating institutions must be located in the Great China Region and must confer master’s degrees in applied psychology or related areas to students enrolled at Institution. Pricing for the Program is as set forth in the following table:


Participant Price


Base participation with 20 logins

$1,500 USD for one year


$3,000 USD for two  years

Register for the base program here:

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Each additional 10 logins

$500 USD per year

Once you have purchased the base program

Add Logins



Institutions may purchase one or two years of participation at a time. Each program login is to be used by one instructor at a time for streaming the educational programs to their users.   

To participate, please contact Jamie Keblesh at to request the participant agreement and to arrange payment. 

SIOP Virtual Program for the Great China Region Committee
Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang (
Tingting Chen
Yanjun Guan 
Yueng-Hsiang Huang 
Wen-dong Li 
Junqi Shi 
Jie Wang 
Lin Wang
Yongyue Wang 
Xiang Yao 

Yue Zhu