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Welcome to the Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychologists Career Paths Website! This site is intended to help you identify career options and plan your career as a current or aspiring I-O psychologist. On this site, you will find the main sectors in which I-O Psychologists work, career tracks, key competencies needed to succeed, and beneficial experiences. Simply click on one of the four graphics below to get started.


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Careers in Applied Psychology: I-O Psychology

This engaging panel on careers in industrial-organizational psychology includes six I-O psychologists who work in talent management in global human resources and for the National Basketball Association (NBA); in a consulting firm utilizing technology to optimize employee selection; as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) manager; and as faculty members in master’s and doctoral I-O graduate programs. 

This introduction to I-O psychology explains how I-O psychologists use science to make organizations and the people who work in them more effective through workforce planning, talent management, training, leader development, job attitudes and motivation, work team dynamics, DEI, and organizational change and development. Panelists provide insight about graduate education and deciding on a career path in I-O psychology.