Coaching Trends: Passing Fads or Future Fixtures?


Jeffrey C. Quinn, MS, PCC Managing Principal & Founder - Leadership Insights & Development

Gordon Curphy, PhD Managing Partner - Curphy Leadership Solutions 

Carol Braddick, MBA Director - Graham Braddick Partnership and Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC)

Alex Haitoglou, Founder - Ovida

Ali O’Malley, PhD Founder & Owner - Reflexion Group

Date:    Wednesday, November 9, 2022

11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. ET

Session Coordinators Jeff Quinn, Terri McNelly, Veronica Schmidt Harvey
Registration: $159 Members;  $189 Non-Members 
CE Credits:  3.0 (pending)



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Intended Audience:  This workshop is intended for I-O psychologists, coaches and other talent management professionals interested in understanding important trends in coaching.

Level: Intermediate. Relevant to all practitioners involved in delivering coaching, implanting coaching programs within organizations as well as those doing research on coaching.

Detailed Description:

The demand for coaching in the talent management space is growing at an extraordinary rate. Clients are also more sophisticated than ever before and expect coaching to be supported by science, rigor, and evidence of measurable impact.  At the same time, coaching is evolving in promising new directions that are exciting but can prove challenging to evaluate. This session of SIOP’s Work Smart Series will equip you to understand some of the most recent, relevant, and evolving trends in coaching, including team coaching, technology and measuring outcomes.

Part 1 will include Jeffrey C. Quinn and Dr. Carol Braddick providing an overview of key trends and future directions in coaching. This will include input from participants on coaching changes they are observing in their own workplace.  Dr. Braddick will also share insight on the role technology is playing in the delivery, management and measurement of coaching.

Part 2 will feature Dr. Gordy Curphy, an I-O psychologist at the forefront of Team Coaching. Dr. Curphy will provide practical advice on what I/O psychologists can do to help organizations build high performing teams. Organizations consist of dozens to thousands of groups and teams, yet research shows 80 percent are underperforming. Organizations would realize tremendous productivity gains by systematically improving teamwork, yet few have gone down this path.  I/O Psychologists need to think differently about teams if they want to help organizations improve teamwork.

Part 3 will provide the most latest research on measuring coaching outcomes. Dr. Ali O’Malley, Ph.D., will share results from her research on the ROI of coaching and responsibly making ROI estimates using high quality measurement of outcomes.

Part 4 will feature Alex Haitoglou, founder of Ovida, who will share the highlights and a demo of the Ovida Application, a coaching platform that helps you improve coaching outcomes. The platform provides intelligent analysis of the coaching session afterwards, highlighting the key moments in your session to improve performance as a coach.

Part 5 will provide opportunities for participants to connect in small groups, interact and share what they have learned and how coaching trends apply within their organization or coaching practice. The purpose of these discussions is to share best practices whether you are a coach, are responsible for coaching solutions within your organization, or doing research on the practice and measurement of coaching.


This session is designed to help participants:

·        Identify at least 3 key trends impacting coaching now and in the future.

·        Assess the role of technology in enabling effective coaching.

·        Recognize when team coaching may be an effective intervention in addition to or instead of individual coaching.

·        Use current research to implement processes for measuring the impact of coaching.

·        Compare measurement strategies for evaluating coaching success.

·        Demonstrate the value of coaching to organizational stakeholders.

·        Describe how to apply emerging knowledge to increase the effectiveness of coaching in their organization or coaching practice.


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