As the premier professional association dedicated to advancing the field of I-O psychology, we have more than 10,000 members worldwide who already know the value of a SIOP membership to their career and educational pursuits.


For a fraction of the cost of membership in other professional associations, your low dues payment of $110 (professional members) or $55 (student/retired members) provides numerous benefits:

Subscriptions and resources to keep you up-to-date on the I-O profession

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice (IOP), the official quarterly journal of I-O psychology
  • The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP), a digital, quarterly news publication
  • Newsbriefs, a weekly, personalized e-newsletter
  • Affordable subscription rate for the optional, members-only SIOP Research Access service
  • SIOP Practitioner Digest, a newsletter for practitioners
  • a dedicated center for ethical resources

Networking and visibility to expand your reach and contacts

  • SIOP Annual Conference and Leading Edge Consortium - present your research and learn from others
  • SIOP social media - keep up with the latest info
  • Media Resources database* - be interviewed by the media
  • Committee and Executive Board volunteer positions -give back to the Society and develop leadership skills
  • SIOP Consultant Locator Service* - advertise your services
  • Connect with employers to find the best jobs, internships and post-doctoral positions through our I-O Job Network

Incentives to further your career without breaking the bank:

  • Significant member savings on Annual Conference and Leading Edge Consortium registration fees
  • High-quality, high-level continuing education (CE) opportunities to help you maintain certifications
  • NEW! Free resumé postings in the I-O Job Network and a reduced rate for the Conference Placement Center
  • 20% off all books and free global shipping from Routledge Publishing
  • Grant, award, and scholarship funds exclusively available to SIOP members
  • Free headshot photos taken at the Annual Conference
  • Save money with these discounts for entertainment, travel and business

*The benefits listed above are extended to SIOP members of all statuses, with the exception of Consultant Locator and Media Resources, in which Student Affiliates may not be listed. Note that only individuals with Fellow, Retired Fellow, Member, or Retired Member statuses may cast votes in SIOP elections or serve on the Executive Board or as Committee Chairs. 


For complete benefits information review the Member Handbook. Need help selling your SIOP membership at work? Use this letter to convince your boss.

How do I join or renew?

The SIOP membership requirements and instructions for application are outlined in the link below.



Please review the dues payments schedule for more information by following the link below. 

Dues Schedule


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Hear what others are saying about SIOP membership:

“SIOP allows me to balance the academic and practitioner within me! It helps me keep up to date with current research and build my professional network.”   -Dr. Leslie A. Bethencourt, SIOP member since 2004

“One of the best things about SIOP is the Annual Conference. It is great to connect with so many other professionals in our field and I always learn so much every year.”   -Dr. Rose Mueller-Hanson, SIOP member since 1997

“I joined SIOP over 37 years ago and it continues to be the one and only professional society that meets the needs of both academics and practitioners in Industrial/Organizational Psychology; and encourages the interaction between both for the benefit of both science and organizations.  If you are a serious I/O professional and are not actively contributing in SIOP then you are missing a great opportunity.”   -Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D., SIOP member since 1981

“I value my membership in SIOP…having the opportunity to interact and network with colleagues at conferences, to further the growth of our profession through committee work, and to stay up to date on new research, practice, and emerging issues and trends. SIOP serves a very valuable role in my professional practice.”   -Dr. Mark Poteet, SIOP member since 1992

“Being a SIOP member is critical to my professional career. It provides me access to valuable resources like my.SIOP, opportunities to keep up-to-date on our field’s latest research as well as the latest challenges that are being faced in the workplace.”   -Tiffany Poeppelman, SIOP member since 2009

“We connected due to our active participation in the SIOP Annual Conference. A member introduced us, suggesting that we collaborate on our topic of shared interest. We also serve as testament to the scientist-practitioner model.”   -Dr. Stephanie R. Klein, SIOP member since 1995 and Dr. Ann H. Huffman, SIOP member since 2001