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Help advance Industrial-Organizational Psychology through personal advocacy, volunteerism and more. Together we can make a difference.

Advocate and Promote I-O 

Advocate for I-O psychology with federal policymakers

Share and Inform others about I-O

Make a Difference in the World using I-O and Support the United Nations

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Serve those who Serve

Connect with other I-Os

Join a Local I-O group to find a other people in your area with whom you can share your professional opinions, get career advice, and perhaps even mentor up-and-coming I-O psychologists.

Serve on a SIOP committee  

SIOP encourages all of its members to take an active role in the Society. While there are many ways to participate in SIOP, serving on a standing Committee is one of the best ways to serve the Society and to learn about the issues that confront SIOP as an organization. Read more about SIOP Committees and sign up.

Volunteer for SIOP 

  • Participate in the SIOP Media Resources Directory. SIOP regularly receives requests from the media regarding topics that our members research. Sign up for this directory if you are willing to speak with the media by accessing your membership account and clicking the link for “Manage Privacy and Opt in/Out” on the right hand side of the screen.  (Note, Student Affiliates are not eligible for this directory.)
  • Contribute to SIOP publications: Both TIP and the IOP Journal: Perspectives on Science and Practice encourages submissions addressing issues related to the practice, science, and/or teaching of industrial and organizational psychology.
  • Provide peer reviews for Conference submissions.  Each fall SIOP puts out a call for reviewers to help the Program Committee make decisions about which sessions to offer at the Conference. You may need to review up to five submissions and offer helpful suggestions, critiques and ratings.
  • Help at the Conference: Once a year during the Annual SIOP Conference, we are looking for Student Affiliates to assist at the Registration Desk, in the Exhibit Hall, giving directions, etc. Please watch for notices regarding this about two months prior to the Conference or check the volunteer box on your Conference registration form.
  • Occasionally SIOP receives a request for a presentation about I-O psychology to high school or college students, or to staff a table at a career fair.  Generally, the Administrative Office will search our Membership Directory for members who live in the vicinity and reach out.  Please say yes if we call!


  • Your tax-deductible gift to the SIOP Foundation will ensure ongoing funding for research, awards for excellence, and financial support for outstanding doctoral students.  Please give generously to the Foundation to provide support for the advancement of the science and practice of I-O psychology.




I started volunteering at SIOP's conference to network. I did not realize it was actually going to connect me to other graduate students, SIOP committee members, and SIOP administration. As a repeat volunteer, I built a strong SIOP network with members from all over country, with different backgrounds and expertise. I've always enjoyed event planning and volunteering, so the opportunity to volunteer at SIOP was a great match for me. The strong SIOP network provided the access to start a leadership position with SIOP by becoming the current SIOP Volunteer Coordinator.

- Leann Caudill


Volunteering opens up a whole new perspective of what it means to attend SIOP. It is the difference between attending and participating.

- Tessa Zuniga


Through volunteering for SIOP, you get to know how the organization works and you get to network with amazing people

- Margaret Beier