Interested in Joining SIOP?

Please read these eligibility requirements carefully as each is governed by the Society’s Bylaws.

The SIOP Membership Committee, comprised of SIOP member-volunteers, reviews professional membership applications and will verify degrees of professional member applicants (Member/Associate.)

In order to reduce delays in your membership application process, please carefully review the information below before submitting your application to ensure you have met ALL requirements.


Membership Requirements - click each type for specifics

  • Hold a doctoral degree based in part upon a psychological dissertation conferred by a graduate school that is regionally accredited or one of equivalent standing outside the united states.
  • Be engaged in study or professional activities, as demonstrated by research, teaching, and/or practice, which are related to the purpose of the society, as stated in article i, section 2 of the society’s bylaws.
  • Submit a résumé with up-to-date employment history and educational background, including the title of the doctoral dissertation as well as the abstract, if not obviously psychologically based.

Applicants for “Member” with a doctoral degree not specifically called “Industrial-Organizational Psychology” must also support their application with two documents of any combination of the following:

  • Abstract of an article published in an I-O-related journal
  • Letter of recommendation written by current Society Fellow or Member (not Associate or Student Affiliate) (sample letter of recommendation) (PDF Version)
  • List of I-O related courses you have taught
  • Copy of unpublished research or evaluation report in an I-O area

“Member” is also available to existing “Associate” individuals who meet a few additional qualifications, outlined HERE.



How Do I Proceed?

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Need to convince your boss? Click here for documentation to assist you in justifying the expense of SIOP dues to your employer.

If your membership question is not answered here, please contact Michelle Zavaleta, Member Relations Specialist, in the SIOP Administrative Office, at or 419-353-0032.



Click on the graphic to see our Membership Brochure for more detailed information on the benefits of joining SIOP.