Remote work has become almost synonymous with working from home, or WFH, in the past few weeks as offices around the globe are adapting to life in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Several members of SIOP, and several of the businesses that sponsor SIOP events, have been studying remote work, virtual teams, and related issues for years.

I-O psychologists specialize in understanding human behavior at work and creating evidence-based programs and practices to help organizations and workers thrive.

To help business leaders and employees adapt to the novel circumstances being caused by the novel coronavirus, SIOP is gathering together member and sponsor-created resources, accessible through this page. See the links below and check back periodically as we will be adding more resources as they are developed.

Businesses seeking expert assistance to help their organizations and employees can find it in the SIOP Consultant Locator. Suggested “Consultant Services” searches that are relevant here include: “worker well-being, groups/teams, work-family/work-life balance, and organizational performance/organizational effectiveness/change management.”


Remote Work

SIOP Feature: Teaming in the Age of COVID-19

Video: Leading Virtual Meetings

White Paper: Improving Communication in Virtual Teams

White Paper: Telecommuting

Member-Supplied Resource:  Effective Virtual Management Skills for Covid-19 Teleworking

Employee Motivation and Engagement

White Paper: Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workforce

Work-Life Balance

White Paper: Work-Life Balance

SIOP Feature: Finding Balance: Evidence-Based Strategies for Employers

Organizational Agility

SIOP Feature:  A Fresh Look at Resilience: Outcomes, Inputs, and Processes

White Paper: Agility and Agile: An Introduction for People, Teams, and Organizations

Worker Well-Being

SIOP Feature:  Managing Stress During COVID-19: The Dark Side of Personality

SIOP Feature: COVID-19 and Public Health Emergencies: What I-O Psychologists Should Know

Member-Supplied Resource:  4 key strategies to help supervisors support employee well-being during COVID-19

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