Working Through COVID-19: Guidance for Organizations and Professionals


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has required organizations and employees to change what, how, and where work is performed. As current prevention and treatment options necessitate continued social distancing, focus is shifting toward preparing for a redefined future.

SIOP members and organizational partners have been studying remote work, virtual teams, organizational agility, and related issues for years. I-O psychologists specialize in understanding human behavior at work and creating evidence-based programs and practices to help organizations and workers thrive. They can provide expert advice to organizations and people adapting and strategizing for the “new normal.”

A collection of resources, backed by I-O science, to help a working world in need can be found below. Businesses seeking expert assistance in worker well-being, groups/teams, work-family/work-life balance, and organizational performance to help their organizations and employees can find an I-O psychology professional in the SIOP Consultant Locator. 

Remote Work

SIOP Feature: Boosting Job Performance When Working from Home: Four Key Strategies 

SIOP Feature: Teaming in the Age of COVID-19

Video: Leading Virtual Meetings

White Paper: Improving Communication in Virtual Teams

White Paper: Telecommuting

Member-Supplied Resource:  Effective Virtual Management Skills for Covid-19 Teleworking

Employee Motivation and Engagement

SIOP Feature: Caught in the Middle: 10 Tips for Managers Leading From Home

White Paper: Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workforce

Work-Life Balance

SIOP Feature: Tips for Working From Home With an Infant During COVID-19

SIOP Feature: Work-Family Balance Struggles in the Time of COVID-19

SIOP Feature: Tips for balancing work and home during COVID-19

White Paper: Work-Life Balance

SIOP Feature: Finding Balance: Evidence-Based Strategies for Employers

Organizational Agility

SIOP Feature:  Landing on Our Feet:  The Importance of Learning Agility in a World Turned Upside Down

SIOP Feature:  Seven Things to Build Agility and Resilience

SIOP Feature:  Seven tips to help your business survive the COVID-19 crisis

SIOP Feature:  A Fresh Look at Resilience: Outcomes, Inputs, and Processes

White Paper: Agility and Agile: An Introduction for People, Teams, and Organizations

Worker Well-Being

SIOP Feature:  Tripled Levels of Poor Mental Health: But There Is Plenty Managers Can Do

SIOP Feature:  Using emotional intelligence to take care of yourself and others in a virtual world

SIOP Feature:  Managing Stress During COVID-19: The Dark Side of Personality

SIOP Feature: COVID-19 and Public Health Emergencies: What I-O Psychologists Should Know

Member-Supplied Resource:  4 key strategies to help supervisors support employee well-being during COVID-19

Member-Supplied Resource:  APS Backgrounder Series: Psychological Science and COVID-19: Working Remotely

Recent Press

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