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SIOP Member Registries

Registries are a great way for SIOP professional members to gain visibility and make connections based on areas of interest or expertise, and also serve as a way for SIOP to identify experts in a particular topic for articles or as a media resource.

SIOP members may participate in the following four registries:

Health, Safety, and Well-Being


Corporate Social Responsibility and Pro-Social/Humanitarian I-O Psychology



Participant Instructions for SIOP Registries

SIOP professional members may opt in to participate in one or more registry. 

 Please follow these steps to Opt In:

1.  Click My Account at top (or, "Login" at top, if you are not yet logged in) and then click Manage My Account.

2.  On your SIOP profile, visit Manage Privacy and Opt In/Out under the Account Actions menu.

3.  Scroll to the registry or registries in which you would like to participate.

4.  Click the box that indicates you’d like your name included on the registry as well as any other information to share publicly.

5.  Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button.

6.  Go to the Membership tab, click the link to the registry for which you opted-in.

7.  Search your name to ensure everything is correct. 



Pump Up Your Profile

The more detail you provide on your SIOP profile, the more confident a potential client or person interested in your work will feel in the expertise that you can offer. Please make sure to fill out the information on the following fields, which can be found under the Account Actions menu on your profile. 

Edit Demographic Information:

Complete your profile by providing details about your work. Fields like employment settings and interests will appear on the registry. Fields like gender, ethnicity, and birth date will not appear in the registry. Be sure to click Save when you make changes!

Upload Resume and Biography:

Use this to upload a resume, CV, or biography if you would like to have it be accessible by the public in the registry. 

Edit Name and Employment Info, Edit Addresses, Edit Emails and Phone Numbers:

Make sure your contact information is up-to-date for interested clients. 


If you have questions or concerns about SIOP Registries, please contact us at 419-353-0032 or Thank you for participating!