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I-O Students


If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in industrial-organizational psychology, you can become a SIOP Student member (even if you are not in an I-O program). We have much to offer our Students! 

The benefits of membership can be found here, and the criteria and application are available here.  If you have questions about Student status in SIOP, please contact the SIOP Administrative Office at

Student Resources

NOTE: Some of the resources provided are links to external pages managed by other organizations or individuals that are not official representatives of SIOP nor do they reflect official positions of the Society.




  • SIOP Conversation Series - podcast interviews with prominent I-O psychologists
  • SIOP member Ben Butina’s long-running Department 12 podcast features short interviews with I-O psychologists on a variety of topics
  • SIOP member Adam Grant has partnered with TED to create the WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast series
  • SIOP members Katina Sawyer and Patricia Grabarek’s Workr Beeing podcast shares research-based findings to help employees/managers learn useful tips for supporting health and happiness at work
  • SIOP members Maryana Arvan and Keaton Fletcher’s Healthy Work podcast summarizes recent research articles in an accessible, conversational way to support a healthier work experience for everyone
  • SIOP members Richard MacKinnon and Pilar Orti’s My Pocket Psych positive psychology-focused podcast makes psychology of the workplace accessible and interesting


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