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Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Fellowship 2007

Laurie Wasko, who will receive her doctorate from Clemson University next year, is the first recipient of the Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Fellowship, which goes to a doctoral student specializing in training and development and/or selection and placement.

  Like many students who take introductory psychology courses, Wasko was unfamiliar with I-O but became intrigued when reading about the field. The more she read, the more interested she became. "I loved the idea of being able to apply the science of psychology to the workplace. The practicality of I-O also appealed to me," she says.

For her dissertation, which she is doing under the direction of Patrick Raymark, Wasko is building a model to study applicant reactions to online testing, specifically to the antecedents to and consequences of the perceptions of information privacy in the context of online testing.

Wasko, who also did her undergraduate work at Clemson (starting in biology and then switching to psychology), worked as a human resources assistant at a law firm before beginning her graduate work.

She says her future, after graduation, is going to be on the applied side of I-O as a consultant or research associate, preferably focusing on selection and testing. "That’s an area that interests me very much," she said.

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