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Friday Sessions by Content Area


115 Roadblocks, Detours, and New Directions in Career Pathing, Continental 5, 10:30 AM
120 Interactive Posters 1 to 2, Stop Helping Me—You Are Stressing Me Out, Executive       Board Rm, 10:30 AM
136 Building Successful Mentorship Programs—Research, Lessons, and Best Practices, Continental 4, 12:00PM
162 The Science and Practice of Mentoring, Franciscan A, 1:30PM
175 High-Quality Work Relationships: Integrating Streams and Charting New Waters, Continental 4, 3:30PM
182 Contrasting I-O Professionals’ Experience as Internal Staff and External Consultants, Franciscan A, 3:30PM
184 Look Before You Leap: Effective Strategies for Successful Career Transitions, Franciscan C, 3:30PM

Coaching/Training/Leadership Development

91 Goals, Feedback, and Performance: A Dynamic Self-Regulation Perspective, Continental 6, 8:00 AM
111 Measuring the Impact and Value of Executive Coaching, Continental 1, 10:30 AM
129 Increasing Access to Leadership Development, Continental 1, 11:30 AM
140 Aging and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Franciscan A, 12:00PM
179 Leadership Development That Works: Keys to Realizing Objectives, Continental 8, 3:30PM

Consulting Practices/Ethical Issues

181 Interactive Poster 1: China: Where is Richard Nixon When We Need Him?, Executive Board Rm, 3:30PM

Counterproductive Behavior/Workplace Deviance

127 Bringing the Relationship Into the Experience of Workplace Aggression, Yosemite B, 10:30 AM
153 How Rude! Investigating the Complexity of Disrespectful Behaviors at Work, Continental 8, 1:00PM

Executive Committee Invited Sessions

88 Creative Possibilities for Federal Funding of I-O Scientists, Continental 3, 8:00 AM
106 SIOP’s New Journal: Continuing the Dialog on Employee Engagement, Continental 3, 9:00 AM
113 The I-O “Brand”: A Meeting on SIOP Visibility and Image, Continental 3, 10:30 AM
152 Town Hall Meeting, Continental 3, 1:00PM
168 I-O Psychology Practitioners–What Do They Want From the Profession?, Continental 3, 2:00PM
174 Current Issues in I-O Practice, Continental 3, 3:30PM

Emotions at Work/Emotional Labor

100 Understanding Emotional Labor in I-O, Franciscan C, 8:30 AM
130 When Good Things Happen to Others: Envy and Firgun Reactions, Continental 8, 11:30 AM
131 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: I Second That Emotion, Executive Board Rm, 11:30 AM
149 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
178 Explanatory Mechanisms Linking Positive Work Experiences to Behavior and Well-Being, Continental 7, 3:30PM

Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues

95 Empirical Advances in Expanding the Cultural Intelligence Nomological Network, Imperial B, 8:00 AM
108 Interactive Posters 1 to 4:, Expatriates: Go Back Home, Executive Board Rm, 9:00 AM
110 Organizational Survey Norming, Validation, and Feedback in a Global Environment, Imperial B, 9:00 AM
118 Global Selection Systems: Case Studies and Lessons Learned, Continental 8, 10:30 AM
143 Global Versus Local Personality Norms: The Whens, Whys, and Hows, Grand Ballrm A, 12:00PM
173 Perspectives of I-Os in Global Companies: Insights, Issues, and Challenges, Continental 2, 3:30PM
181 Interactive Poster 2 to 3: China: Where is Richard Nixon When We Need Him?, Executive Board Rm, 3:30PM
186 Posters 1 to 2: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30PM
190 Global and Multilingual Assessments: Examination of Field Selection Data, Yosemite B, 3:30PM
195 Developing Global Leaders: Nagging Questions and Considered Answers, Imperial B, 4:30PM


102 Regulatory Focus and Goal Orientation: Exploring Team-Level Validity and Outcomes, Yosemite A, 8:30 AM
150 Leading the Team, and Above, Yosemite B, 12:30PM

Human Factors/Ergonomics

164 Posters 1 to 3: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM

Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, sex)

103 Diversity Mindsets: Their Nature, Development, and Implications for Organizations, Yosemite B, 8:30 AM
119 Weight-Based Bias in the Workplace, Continental 9, 10:30 AM
132 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
141 Doing Diversity Right:  A Research-Based Approach to Diversity Management, Franciscan B, 12:00PM
172 The Marginalized Workforce: How I-O Psychology Can Make a Difference, Continental 1, 3:30PM
194 Posters 1 to 16: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 4:30PM


156 Creative and Innovative Processes in Teams: Dealing With Inherent Messiness, Continental 2, 1:30PM
196 Enabling Innovation in Organizations–2007 Leading Edge Consortium Session, Yosemite B, 4:30PM

Invited Addresses

101 Program Committee Invited Address–Emotional Skills, Grand Ballrm A, 8:30 AM
122 Program Committee Invited Address–Workforce Intelligence: The Predictive Initiative, Grand Ballrm A, 10:30 AM

Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling

123 Posters 1 to 5: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
186 Poster 3: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30PM
200 Illuminating the “Murky Ground”: Linking Context Theory to Empirical Research, Continental 4, 5:00PM

Job Attitudes

149 Posters 2 to 15: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
171 Promoters and Detractors: Customer Loyalty Research’s Influence on Employee Engagement, Yosemite B, 2:00PM
186 Posters 4 to 29: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30PM
198 More Survey Ponderables: Questions and Answers on Effective Employee Surveys, Continental 2, 5:00PM

Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior

120 Interactive Posters 3 to 4: Stop Helping Me—You Are Stressing Me Out, Executive Board Rm, 10:30 AM
164-4 Posters 4 to 24: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM


125 Intersecting Questions at the Leading Edge of Leadership Research, Imperial B, 10:30 AM
138 Leading Destructively: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of Destructive Leaders, Continental 6, 12:00PM
149 Posters 16 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
159 Integrating Leadership and Organizational Justice: The Next Phase, Continental 6, 1:30PM
163 The Importance, Assessment, and Development of Flexible Leadership, Grand Ballrm A, 1:30PM
177 Holistic Approaches to Leadership Research, Continental 6, 3:30PM
183 Content Analysis in Leadership Research: Advantages and Practical Considerations, Franciscan B, 3:30PM

Legal Issues/Employment Law

123 Posters 6 to 7: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
157 Update in Wage and Hour Litigation, Continental 4, 1:30PM
185 International Perspectives on the Legal Environment for Selection, Grand Ballrm A, 3:30PM

Measurement/Statistical Techniques

114 Update on Neural Networks in I-O Psychology, Continental 4, 10:30 AM
132-2 Posters 2 to 15: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
145 Psychometric Properties of Conditional Reasoning Tests, Yosemite A, 12:00PM
199 Estimating Subscales Using IRT, Continental 3, 5:00PM


96 Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace, Continental 2, 8:30 AM
128 Factors That Effect Personal Goals and Self-Regulation Processes Over Time, Yosemite C, 10:30 AM
132 Poster 16 to 29: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
146 Performance Approach-Avoidance Motivation and Task Performance, Yosemite C, 12:00PM
164 Poster 25: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM

Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Response

109 Posters 1 to 27: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 9:00 AM
121 Occupational Health in Organizations, Franciscan A, 10:30 AM
134 Reversing the Flow:  How Customer Behaviors Impact Service Employees, Continental 2, 12:00PM
148 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Please Watch Your Step: Safety First, Executive Board Rm, 12:30PM

Organizational Culture/Climate

107 Workplace Civility and Incivility: Implications for Healthcare, Continental 7, 9:00 AM
117 Associate Engagement in Asia–Myth or Mystery, Continental 7, 10:30 AM
181 Interactive Poster 4: China: Where is Richard Nixon When We Need Him?, Executive Board Rm, 3:30PM

Organizational Justice

98 Organizational Justice, Franciscan A, 8:30 AM

Organizational Performance/Change/Downsizing/OD

97 Perspectives on the Engagement Journey:  Implementation Strategy and Tactics, Continental 9, 8:30 AM
132 Poster 30: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
133 Leading Change From Different Levels of the Organization, Imperial A, 11:30 AM
164 Posters 26 to 29: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM
191 Unveiling the Intangible: Use of Social Network Analysis in Organizations, Yosemite C, 3:30PM

Performance Appraisal/Feedback

126 Examining the Psychometric Soundness of Multisource Ratings: Alternate Approaches, Yosemite A, 10:30 AM
154 Performance Management Processes That Drive Business Results, Continental 9, 1:00PM
161 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: A 360 View of Multisource Feedback Instruments Executive Board Rm, 1:30PM
189 Feedback Environment and Feedback Seeking: The Role of the Trusted Supervisor, Yosemite A, 3:30PM


147 Face It: The Predictive Validity of Personality Facets, Continental 7, 12:30PM

Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)

89 Dynamic Research in I-O Psychology, Continental 4, 8:00 AM
132 Posters 31 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
142 Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Analyzing Changes Over Time, Franciscan C, 12:00PM

Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system design, succession/workforce planning, etc.)

90 Advances in Front-Line Leader Selection, Continental 5, 8:00 AM
104 Beyond the Cover Story: Research-Grounded Insights Into Millennial-Generation Employees, Yosemite C, 8:30 AM
112 Internet Testing: Current Issues, Research, Solutions, Guidelines, and Concerns, Continental 2, 10:30 AM
123 Posters 8 to 31: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
139 Executive Succession: Real-World Challenges, Continental 9, 12:00PM
151 English Language Proficiency and Cultural Issues in U.S.-Based Selection Assessment, Continental 1, 1:00PM
166 Does Age Really Matter? Generational Differences in the Workplace, Yosemite C, 1:30PM
176 What Companies Are Really Doing About the Generation Gap, Continental 5, 3:30PM
193 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: This Isn’t Your Father’s Recruiting System, Executive Board Rm, 4:30PM

Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR

87 Talent Management and Enterprise Software: Trials, Tribulations, and Trends, Continental 1, 8:00 AM
123 Poster 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
155 I-O Innovations in the Intelligence and Defense Community, Imperial A, 1:00PM
169 Conducting Applied I-O Research:  Pitfalls and Opportunities, Continental 9, 2:00PM

Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development

94 Service Learning as an I-O Teaching Method: Stakeholders’ Lessons Learned, Imperial A, 8:00 AM
124 Developing Applied Experiences for Undergraduate and Graduate I-O Psychology Students, Imperial A, 10:30 AM
135 Exec. Comm. Invited Session: Education and Training in I-O Psychology: Open Meeting of Educators, Continental 3, 12:00PM
167 Maintaining Sound Science in Business: Strategies for Newly Minted I-Os, Continental 1, 2:00PM
170 Key Elements of Successful Applied Experiences During Master’s Level Training, Imperial B, 2:00PM
187 Reviewing the Reviewers: Editors’ Reflections on Reviewer Comments, Imperial A, 3:30PM
192 When I-O Isn’t *Officially* Your Job, Continental 6, 4:30PM

Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods, validation, predictors, etc.)

92 The Fourth Dimension: How Response Times Impact Test Performance, Continental 7, 8:00 AM
93 Test Validity: A Multiple Stakeholder Approach, Continental 8, 8:00 AM
105 Driving International Selection Excellence: Practical Lessons in Global Implementation, Continental 1, 9:00 AM
116 Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) and Personnel Selection, Continental 6, 10:30 AM
137 Applicant Retesting Policy:  Key Considerations and Best Practices, Continental 5, 12:00PM
158 Current Issues in Internet Assessment—The Providers’ View, Continental 5, 1:30PM
160 Assessments Used for Employee Development: Individual and Organizational Outcomes, Continental 7, 1:30PM
165 Reexamining Assessment Centers: Alternate Approaches, Yosemite A, 1:30PM
188 Development of a Multi-Agency Certification System for DoD Adjudicators, Imperial B, 3:30PM
197 Developing Selection Testing Systems: When Things Get Tough, Continental 1, 5:00PM

Work and Family/Non-Work Life/Leisure

99 Work–Life Balance: Good Research/Good Practice, Franciscan B, 8:30 AM
144 The Benefits of Nonwork Experiences for Employee Health and Performance, Imperial B, 12:00PM
180 Creating a Culture of Work–Life Flexibility, Continental 9, 3:30PM
186 Poster 30: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30PM
194 Posters 17 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 4:30PM