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Thursday Sessions by Content Area


42 Posters 1 to 23: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
57 The Long and Winding Road: Career Pathing for Talent Management, Yosemite B, 1:30PM
59 Market Research as a Viable Career Path for I-O Psychologists, Continental 1, 2:00PM
201 Poster 1: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Coaching/Training/Leadership Development

10 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
17 Coaching Women Leaders:  Evolutions in Audience, Issues, and Approaches, Continental 2, 11:00 AM
39 On-the-Job Experiences: A Training Ground for Today’s Leaders, Continental 4, 12:30PM
42 Posters 24 to 25: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
50 Leadership Coaching Effectiveness: Incorporating Evaluation Methodologies in Practice and Research, Continental 7, 1:30PM
67 It’s Your World: Building Realistic Simulations for Complex Jobs, Continental 6, 3:30PM
76 Posters 1 to 17: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30PM
82 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Training Your Staff in Ten Easy Seconds, Executive Board Rm, 4:30PM

Consulting Practices/Ethical Issues

16 TIP-TOPics for Students Presents: Sticky Situations in Graduate School, Continental 1, 11:00 AM
37 Ethical Issues in Personnel Selection, Continental 1, 12:30PM
71 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Ethics: Not on My Watch, Executive Board Rm, 3:30PM

Counterproductive Behavior/Workplace Deviance

23 Posters 1 to 22: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
201 Posters 3 to 4: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Emotions at Work/Emotional Labor

20 Measuring Emotional Intelligence: How, and Why?, Continental 5, 11:00 AM
56 Posters 1 to 21: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM
81 Affect and Performance: Recent Findings and New Directions for Research, Yosemite C, 3:30PM
201 Poster 5: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Employee Withdrawal (e.g., absence, turnover)/Retention

11 Multiple Perspectives on Retaining and Engaging Employees During Organizational Transitions, Imperial A, 10:30 AM
56 Posters 22 to 27: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM

Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues

3 Cross-Cultural Competence: Can We Define, Measure, and Develop It?, Continental 8, 10:30 AM
13 Cultural Influences in Global Testing: Holistic Approach to Inference Validity, Yosemite A, 10:30 AM
38 Why Pay Attention to Cultural Issues in Organizations?, Continental 2, 12:30PM
62 Proposal for a Cross-Cultural Applicant Reactions Research Incubator, Continental 1, 3:30PM
76 Posters 18 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 3:30


83 Posters 1 to 32, Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 4:30PM
201 Poster 6: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, sex)

201 Posters 7 to 8: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM


23 Posters 23 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30 AM
36 Facilitating Creativity and Innovation: Personal, Contextual, and Team Characteristics, Yosemite C, 12:00PM
47 Measuring Workplace Creativity: New Concepts and Tools, Yosemite A, 1:00PM

Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling

10 Poster 2: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
34 Using Job Analysis Deliverables to Integrate and Align HR Practices, Yosemite A, 12:00PM
69 Advancing Work/Job Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities, Continental 8, 3:30PM
201 Posters 9 to 10: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Job Attitudes

65 What Does Employee Engagement Predict?, Continental 4, 3:30PM
85 Utilizing Identified Survey Data, Franciscan C, 5:00PM
201 Poster 11: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior

70 Expanding the Criterion Space Through Objective Metrics and Criterion-Related Validation, Continental 9, 3:30PM
201 Poster 12: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Judgment/Decision Making

56 Posters 28 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM


1 Plenary, Continental 1, 8:00 AM
7 Empowering Leadership: Theoretical Extensions Across Levels and Cultures, Franciscan B, 10:30 AM
10 Posters 3 to 10: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
19 Leadership Development Along the Pipeline:  Design, Development, and Integration, Continental 4, 11:00 AM
42 Poster 26: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
45 Unconventional Thinking About Leadership, Imperial A, 1:00PM
72 Executive Assessment, Franciscan A, 3:30PM
78 Using Assessments for Leadership Development: Goals, Learnings, and Challenges, Imperial B, 3:30PM
201 Posters 13 to 15: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Legal Issues/Employment Law

24 Adverse Impact, Practical Significance, and Validation Evidence: Issues and Options, Imperial A, 11:30 AM
43 Adverse Impact: A Review of Practical, Statistical, and Legal Issues, Continental 6, 1:00PM

Measurement/Statistical Techniques

21 Multilevel Modeling: Application to Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Designs, Continental 6, 11:00 AM


8 Contingent Incentives...Good or Bad for Work Motivation?, Franciscan C, 10:30 AM
27 Optimizing HR: Tracking the Return on Investments in People, Continental 7, 12:00PM
41 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Motivation: Opening Pandora’s Box, Executive Board Rm, 12:30PM
80 Innovative Applications of Job Fit to Organizational Needs, Yosemite B, 3:30PM

Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Response

9 Individual–Organizational Health:  Keynote Session, Grand Ballrm A, 10:30 AM
33 Individual–Organizational Health: Consequences of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Downsizing, Grand Ballrm A, 12:00PM
44 Individual–Organizational Health: Leading for Health, Grand Ballrm A, 1:00PM
61 Individual–Organizational Health: Selecting for Health and Safety, Grand Ballrm A, 2:00PM
75 Individual–Organizational Health: Integrating Health Into Work-Nonwork Research and Practice, Grand Ballrm A, 3:30PM
86 Individual–Organizational Health: Tale of Academic–Practitioner Collaboration in Occupational Safety, Grand Ballrm A, 5:00PM
201 Posters 1 to 2: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM
201 Poster 16: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Organizational Culture/Climate

12 Moving the Culture Needle: A How-To Discussion, Imperial B, 10:30 AM

Organizational Justice

10 Posters 11 to 27: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
46 Studying Organizational Justice Through a Kaleidoscope of Theoretical Lenses, Imperial B, 1:00PM
79 Ethics in Organizations: Context and Authority Effects on Employees, Yosemite A, 3:30PM
201 Poster 17: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Organizational Performance/Change/Downsizing/OD

26 Leveraging Employee Survey Measures During Transformation: What Is Working?, Continental 3, 12:00PM
28 Comparison of Closed Versus Open Succession Management Processes in Organizations, Continental 8, 12:00PM
55 The Best Laid Plans: Action Planning in the Real World, Franciscan C, 1:30PM
74 Improving Organizational Effectiveness and Innovation Through Social Networks, Franciscan C, 3:30PM

Performance Appraisal/Feedback

84 Business-Driven 360-Degree Feedback, Yosemite B, 4:30PM
201 Poster 18: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM


14 Complex Problems, Simple Solutions: Contemporary Research in Applicant-Faking Behavior, Yosemite B, 10:30 AM
35 Examining Faking Using Within-Subjects Designs and Applicant Data, Yosemite B, 12:00PM
49 Personality in the Workplace: Advances in Measurement and Assessment, Continental 4, 1:30PM
52 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Measuring Personality is Really Easy, Executive Board Rm, 1:30PM
68 Alternative Methods of Assessing Noncognitive Predictors, Continental 7, 3:30PM
201 Poster 19: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)

2 Statistical/Methodological Myths and Urban Legends III:  The Saga Continues, Continental 7, 10:30 AM
6 Issues in IRT, Franciscan A, 10:30 AM
30 Issues in Multilevel Research, Franciscan A, 12:00PM

Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system design, succession/workforce planning, etc.)

31 Occupational Analysis in a Rapidly Changing Workplace: O*NET System Implications, Franciscan B, 12:00PM
32 Implementing Selection Systems Across Multiple Locations: Challenges Faced, Lessons Learned, Franciscan C, 12:00PM
63 Emerging Issues in I and O Psychology Research, Continental 2, 3:30PM
64 Exploring Testing Environment Effects Beyond the Proctored Versus Unproctored Distinction, Continental 3, 3:30PM
73 What Happens After Job Loss? Process-Oriented Perspectives on Job Search, Franciscan B, 3:30PM
201 Poster 20: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM

Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR

25 Cutting-Edge Talent Management Practices in Organizations, Imperial B, 11:30 AM
51 Life in a Consortium: Using Benchmarking to Drive Organizational Change, Continental 8, 1:30PM
60 Bridging the Scientist–Practitioner Gap: Senior Executives Identify Critical Research Needs, Continental 9, 2:00PM

Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development

10 Poster 28 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30 AM
18 Helping Organizations Who Help Others: Making a Difference With I-O, Continental 3, 11:00 AM
48 The Current State of Master’s Level Education in I-O Psychology, Continental 3, 1:30PM
53 Teaching and Training of I-O Psychologists, Franciscan A, 1:30PM
58 I-O War Stories: Facing and Learning From Professional Mishaps, Yosemite C, 1:30PM
77 Experiential Learning: Grounding Ourselves in Research, Imperial A, 3:30PM

Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods, validation, predictors, etc.)

4 Evidence of Validity and Best Practices for Utilizing Unproctored Assessments, Continental 9, 10:30 AM
5 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Test Bias Really Makes Me Mad, Executive Board Rm, 10:30 AM
40 Individual Assessment: Does the Research Support the Practice?, Continental 5, 12:30PM
66 Validation Research Strategies: Ensuring Situational Sufficiency and “Appropriate” Professional Rigor, Continental 5, 3:30PM

Work and Family/Non-Work Life/Leisure

15 Exploring Linkages Between Diversity and Work–Family Research, Yosemite C, 10:30 AM
22 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Stop Going to Work: Telecommuting and Telework, Executive Board Rm, 11:30 AM
29 New Perspectives on Individual Differences in Work–Family Research, Continental 9, 12:00PM
54 Work–Family Affective Experiences That Reduce Conflict and Improve Health, Franciscan B, 1:30PM
201 Poster 21: Top Posters Reception, Continental 1, 6:00PM