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Saturday Sessions by Content Area


230 What Did You Expect? Managing Expectations in Mentoring Relationships, Maurepas, 8:30 AM
231 Aiding Veterans With PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries Through Employment, Nottaway, 8:30 AM
259 Internships in I-O Psychology: Views From the Trenches, Rhythms 2, 10:30 AM
296 Outcomes of Volunteering for Employers, Working Volunteers, and Not-For-Profit Organizations, Grand Chenier, 1:30 PM
300 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 1:30 PM
316 Off to Work We Go: Six Applied I-O Career Paths, Napoleon D3, 3:30 PM

Coaching/Leadership Development

224 Posters 1–5, Napoleon ABC, 8:00 AM
226 Characteristics and Competencies of Elite Performers, Gallery, 8:30 AM
262 Succession Planning:  Beyond Manager Nominations, Borgne, 11:30 AM
264 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 11:30 AM
314 Down but not Out: Measuring, Understanding, and Coaching Failure, Grand Couteau, 3:30 PM

Consulting Practices/Ethical Issues

224 Poster 6, Napoleon ABC, 8:00 AM
290 Ethics: How Can We Help Organizations Do the Right Thing?, Cornet, 1:30 PM

Counterproductive Behavior/Workplace Deviance

256 Third Party Observations of Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Nottaway, 10:30 AM
263 Poster 1, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM
267 New Developments in the Study of Interpersonal Mistreatment at Work, Gallery, 12:00 PM
277 Overreacting or Underreporting? Exploring Individual and Contextual Sexual Harassment Factors, Rhythms 3, 12:00 PM

Emotions/Emotional Labor

238 Poster 1, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
249 The Fit Between Emotional Demands and Emotional Abilities, Grand Ballroom E, 10:30 AM
254 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 10:30 AM
263 Poster 2, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM

Employee Withdrawal (e.g., absence, turnover)/Retention

239 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 9:00 AM
292 Communitiy of Interest: P-E/P-O/P-J Fit, Gallier AB, 1:30 PM

Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues

217 Keynote: Corporate Social Responsibility as a Driver for Innovation and Opportunities, Armstrong, 8:00 AM
237 The CSR Trend in Global Business: Global Banks as Global Regulators, Armstrong, 9:00 AM
241 Symposium: Behavioral Ethics: Linking Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Armstrong, 10:30 AM
250 Going Global: A New Volume From SIOP’s Professional Practice Series, Grand Chenier, 10:30 AM
266 Leadership for CSR/Sustainability: A Global Perspective, Armstrong, 12:00 PM
286 Public Engagement: Service Learning Projects in the Classroom, Armstrong, 1:00 PM
288 Global Leader SOS: Can Multinational Leadership Skills Be Developed?, Waterbury, 1:00 PM
289 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Work:  Examples of CSR Practices in Organizational Settings, Armstrong, 1:30 PM
309 The Science and Practice of CSR: What I-O Psychologists Can Contribute, Armstrong, 3:30 PM


244 The Cutting Edge: Expanding the Temporal Lens of Team Research, Gallery, 10:30 AM
265 New Agenda for Teamwork Research: From Intrateam to Interteam Perspective, Oak Alley, 11:30 AM
279 Moving Beyond the Ropes Course: Using Assessments for Team Development, Cornet, 12:30 PM
283 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 12:30 PM
320 Enhancing and Understanding Trust in Virtual Teams, Rhythms 2, 3:30 PM

Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, gender)

235 Interpersonal Perspectives on Intergroup Bias: When Diverse Individuals Interact, Rhythms 3, 8:30 AM
238 Poster 2, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
240 Retention in IT and Computer Science: Repairing the Pipeline, Napoleon D3, 9:00 AM
276 Adam Versus Abdul: Arab/Muslim Bias in the Post 9/11 Workplace, Rhythms 2, 12:00 PM
301 Slights, Snubs, and Slurs: Examining Subtle Forms of Organizational Discrimination, Napoleon D3, 1:30 PM


308 Innovative Approaches to Taking Action on Survey Results, Waterbury, 2:00 PM
Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling
242 The Role of I-O Psychology in Emergency Management Operations, Borgne, 10:30 AM
269 Defining Leadership Competence on a Global Scale, Grand Ballroom A, 12:00 PM
322 Identifying and Correcting Potential Bias in Job Analysis Ratings, Waterbury, 3:30 PM

Job Attitudes/Engagement

224 Poster 7, Napoleon ABC, 8:00 AM
263 Posters 3–5, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM
275 Examining Development and Change in Psychological Contracts: Antecedents and Consequences, Rhythms 1, 12:00 PM
281 Community Volunteerism and the Paid Work Environment, Grand Ballroom E, 12:30 PM

Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior

238 Poster 3, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
263 Poster 6, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM


224 Posters 8–30, Napoleon ABC, 8:00 AM
233 Perspectives on High-Risk Jobs/Extreme Contexts, Rhythms 1, 8:30 AM
236 The Importance of I-O Psychologists in Top HR Jobs, Waterbury, 8:30 AM
238 Poster 4, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
246 Program Committee Invited Address: Dr. James H. Bray, Grand Ballroom A, 10:30 AM
258 Leadership Assessment, Development, and Succession Planning:  A Case Study, Rhythms 1, 10:30 AM
272 Meso-Paradigm Modeling of Leadership, Grand Couteau, 12:00 PM
280 Perceived Organizational Support: New Perspectives, Grand Ballroom D, 12:30 PM
287 Best Practices to Develop High-Potential Talent, Borgne, 1:00 PM
299 Poster 1, Napoleon ABC, 1:30 PM
323 Closing Plenary Session, Grand Ballroom A, 5:00 PM

Legal Issues/Employment Law

261 Audits of Human Resources Programs, Waterbury, 10:30 AM
293 Best Practice Versus Legal Defensibility: How Much Validity Is Enough?, Grand Ballroom A, 1:30 PM

Measurement/Statistical Techniques

221 Meta-Analysis: Advances in Methods and Practice, Grand Ballroom E, 8:00 AM
247 Method Variance:  Problems, Preventatives, and Remedies, Grand Ballroom B, 10:30 AM
311 Measurement Concerns for the I-O Practitioner (and Researcher), Cornet, 3:30 PM


270 Out From Under Damocles’ Sword: An HR Assessment of Tenure, Grand Ballroom B, 12:00 PM

Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Strain/Aging

220 Perceptions of Age in the Workplace: U.S. and EU Perspectives, Grand Ballroom B, 8:00 AM
263 Posters 7–30, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM
295 The Role of I-O Psychology in Resolving the Healthcare Crisis, Grand Ballroom E, 1:30 PM

Organizational Culture/Climate

238 Posters 5–9, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
263 Poster 31, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM
274 Transforming Organizational Culture in Complex, Dynamic Environments for Safety, Nottaway, 12:00 PM

Organizational Performance/Change/Downsizing/OD

238 Posters 10–12, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
248 When the Going Gets Tough:  How I-O Can Help, Grand Ballroom D, 10:30 AM
291 Unique Tools and Methodologies to Facilitate Organizational Change, Gallery, 1:30 PM
317 Making Changes to Keep America Safe - Contributions From
I-O Psychology, Nottaway, 3:30 PM

Performance Appraisal/Feedback/Performance Management

238 Posters 13–28, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
310 Performance Management Technology: Advantages, Limitations, and Possibilities, Borgne, 3:30 PM


255 Uncovering the Nature of Applicant Faking Behavior: A Theoretical Examination, Napoleon D3, 10:30 AM
282 Poster 1, Napoleon ABC, 12:30 PM
299 Posters 2–30, Napoleon ABC, 1:30 PM
304 We’re Not Kidding: Advancements in Research on Humor and Work, Rhythms 2, 1:30 PM
306 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award: Assessing Personality 75 Years After Likert: Thurstone Was Right!, Grand Ballroom D, 2:00 PM

Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)

222 Recent Development in Strategies for Testing Assumed Mediation Models, Grand Chenier, 8:00 AM
238 Poster 29, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
268 COI: Issues in Multilevel Research, Gallier AB, 12:00 PM
302 Using Archival Datasets: Opportunities and Pitfalls for I-O Psychologists, Nottaway, 1:30 PM

Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system
design, succession planning, workforce planning)

225 Interactive Posters 1–4, Napoleon D1-D2, 8:00 AM
251 Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees: Lessons From the Field, Grand Couteau, 10:30 AM
253 Posters 1–32, Napoleon ABC, 10:30 AM
278 Can I Text to Apply? Generational Preferences in Selection, Waterbury, 12:00 PM
299 Poster 31, Napoleon ABC, 1:30 PM
305 Managers’ Peer Evaluations Are Powerful Predictors: But Are They Used?, Rhythms 3, 1:30 PM
312 Talent Acquisition Nirvana? Integrating Selection Testing With Applicant Tracking Systems, Gallery, 3:30 PM

Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR

227 COI: Bridging the Science-Practice Gap, Gallier AB, 8:30 AM
228 The I-O Value Proposition in a Fluctuating Economy, Grand Ballroom A, 8:30 AM
238 Posters 30–32, Napoleon ABC, 9:00 AM
307 Data Driven Decisions: Merging I-O Psychology Methods and Practice, Rhythms 1, 2:00 PM
315 A Foundation for Performance-Based Pay in the Intelligence Community, Maurepas, 3:30 PM

Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development

232 Moving Into an HR Generalist Role: A Good Career Move?, Oak Alley, 8:30 AM
234 Beyond Regurgitation: Ideas to Enhance Critical Thinking in I-O/HR Courses, Rhythms 2, 8:30 AM
257 How to Respond to Interpersonal Misconducts in the Workplace?, Oak Alley, 10:30 AM
260 Beginning the Journey: Peer Mentoring for Individuals Starting Their Careers, Rhythms 3, 10:30 AM
284 Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award: A Passion for Teaching: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward, Napoleon D3, 12:30 PM
297 I-O Master’s Careers: Landing the Job, Grand Couteau, 1:30 PM
313 Professional and Organizational Citizenship: I-Os Represent!, Grand Chenier, 3:30 PM

Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods, validation, predictors)

219 Synthetic Validity: Practical Questions and Answers, Cornet, 8:00 AM
223 Validity and Utility of Computer Adaptive Testing in Personnel Selection, Grand Couteau, 8:00 AM
229 Remote Assessment and Applicant Response Distortion: Applied Research and Practice, Grand Ballroom D, 8:30 AM
243 How to Score Biodata Measures: A Master Tutorial, Cornet, 10:30 AM
245 COI: Executive Assessment, Gallier AB, 10:30 AM
271 Assessments in Action: Lessons Learned While Implementing New Programs, Grand Chenier, 12:00 PM
282 Posters 2–33, Napoleon ABC, 12:30 PM
285 Validating Minimum Qualifications: Getting the Maximum Out of Your Minimums, Oak Alley, 12:30 PM
294 From Job Analysis to Selection to Development: Technology Facilitating Innovation, Grand Ballroom B, 1:30 PM
299 Posters 32–33, Napoleon ABC, 1:30 PM
303 Selection Testing Systems: When Things Get Tough...and Tougher, Oak Alley, 1:30 PM
318 Assessment Centers and Technology: Best Practices, Challenges, and Innovations, Oak Alley, 3:30 PM


298 Self-Regulatory Interventions: Effective Approaches to Enhancing Training Performance, Maurepas, 1:30 PM
319 The People Factor: Considering Trainee and Trainer Effects on Learning, Rhythms 1, 3:30 PM

Work and Family/Non-Work Life/Leisure

218 An Examination of Work–Family Conflict Among Low-Income and Nonprofessional Workers, Borgne, 8:00 AM
252 Defining and Measuring Constructs in Work–Family Research, Maurepas, 10:30 AM
263 Poster 32, Napoleon ABC, 11:30 AM
273 Eureka: Advancing Theory in Work–Family Research, Maurepas, 12:00 PM
321 Work–Life Research in a Social Context, Rhythms 3, 3:30 PM