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2012 Conference DVD

The following is a list of sessions that have been recorded for the 2012 conference DVD. You can order your copy here.


1. Opening Plenary Session
Douglas H. Reynolds, Development Dimensions International, Chair
Adrienne J. Colella, Tulane University, Presenter

10. Theme Track Keynote: SIOP and EEOC:
Michelle (Mikki) Hebl, Rice University, Chair
Eden B. King, George Mason University, Presenter
Jacqueline Berrien, Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission (EEOC), Presenter

19. IGNITE Session: Imparting Survey Wisdom, Five Minutes at a Time
Scott M. Brooks, OrgVitality, Chair
Mariangela Battista, Pfizer Inc., Panelist
Sarah R. Johnson, CLC Genesee, Panelist
Michael N. Bazigos, Columbia University, Panelist
Jeffrey A. Jolton, Kenexa, Panelist
Corinne B. Donovan, Adelphi University, Panelist
Kyle Lundby, Valtera, Panelist
Melissa L. Graves, Starbucks Coffee Company, Panelist
Jeffrey M. Saltzman, OrgVitality, Panelist
Steven G. Rogelberg, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Panelist
Allan H. Church, PepsiCo, Panelist

20. Dimension, Task, and Mixed-Model Perspectives on Assessment Centers
Duncan J. R. Jackson, University of Seoul, Chair
Brian J. Hoffman, University of Georgia, Chair
Duncan J. R. Jackson, University of Seoul, Brian J. Hoffman,
University of Georgia, Dimension, Task, and Mixed-
Model Perspectives on Assessment Centers
John P. Meriac, University of Missouri-St. Louis, David J.
Woehr, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Broad
Assessment-Center Dimensions: A Nomological Network
Examination of Validity
Nathan R. Kuncel, University of Minnesota, Paul R. Sackett,
University of Minnesota, Resolving the Assessment-
Center Construct-Validity Problem
Elizabeth L. Monahan, University of Georgia, Ashley
Williams, University of Georgia, Ben Overstreet,
University of Georgia, A Meta-Analysis of the Validity of
Assessment Center (AC) Exercises
Brian J. Hoffman, University of Georgia, Nigel R. Guenole,
Kenexa, Tony Cockerill, Kenexa, Measurement
Invariance of a Mixed Model Assessment Center (AC)
Charles E. Lance, University of Georgia, Discussant

42. Statistical and Methodological Myths and Urban Legends: Part VII

61. Developing 21st Century Leaders: Current Challenges, Trends, and Techniques
Carly S. Bruck, Sirota Consulting, Chair
Michael Crespo, IBM, Panelist
B. Alan Echtenkamp, Time Warner, Panelist
Richard Fernandez, Google, Panelist
Patrick K. Hyland, Sirota Survey Intelligence, Panelist
Wes Siegal, Robert H. Schaffer & Associates, Panelist

82. International Research on Alternative Selection Procedures
James L. Outtz, Outtz and Associates, Chair
Nadene Venter, SHL SA, Panelist
Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, APTMetrics, Inc., Panelist
Hennie J. Kriek, TTS Talent Group/University of South
Africa, Panelist
Andreas Lohff, cut-e GmbH, Panelist

92. Theme Track: Scholarly Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Discrimination
Lisa M. Leslie, University of Minnesota, Co-Chair
Eden B. King, George Mason University, Co-Chair
Arthur P. Brief, University of Utah, Panelist
Madeline E. Heilman, New York University, Panelist
Ann Marie Ryan, Michigan State University, Panelist
Paul R. Sackett, University of Minnesota, Panelist
Kecia M. Thomas, University of Georgia, Panelist

114. Contrasting Culture Strength and Climate Strength: Perspectives From Leading Researchers
Lindsey M. Kotrba, Denison Consulting, Co-Chair
Nathalie Castano, Wayne State University, Co-Chair
Jennifer A. Chatman, University of California-Berkeley, Panelist
Daniel R. Denison, International Institute for Management
Development, Panelist
Maribeth L. Kuenzi, Southern Methodist University, Panelist
Benjamin Schneider, Valtera, Panelist

128. Women as Leaders: Negotiating the Labyrinth
Eden B. King, George Mason University, Host
Alice H. Eagly, Northwestern University, Presenter

148. Implicit Processes in Organizational Behavior: Research and Practice Next Steps
Therese H. Macan, University of Missouri-St Louis, Chair
Binna Kandola, Pearn Kandola, Panelist
Gary P. Latham, University of Toronto, Panelist
Keith Leavitt, Oregon State University, Panelist
Stephanie M. Merritt, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Panelist

170. Computerized Adaptive Testing: A Primer on Benefits, Design, and Implementation
Anthony S. Boyce, Aon Hewitt, Presenter
Nathan A. Thompson, Assessment Systems Corporation,

191. Managing the Aging Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities
Industrialized nations are facing both opportunities and
challenges due to delayed retirements and the aging
workforce. This special session, based on an international
meeting of researchers this past fall, brings
together top experts on the aging workforce to provide
insights and recommendations for keeping workers
healthy, engaged, and productive.
Donald M. Truxillo, Portland State University, Co-Chair
Franco Fraccaroli, University of Trento, Co-Chair
Annet de Lange, Radboud University Nijmegen, Presenter
Lisa Finkelstein, Northern Illinois University, Presenter
Ruth Kanfer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Presenter
Jose M. Peiró, University of Valencia, Presenter
Mo Wang, University of Florida, Presenter
Submitter: Donald Truxillo, truxillod@pdx.edu

208. The Journey From Assessment to Development Center: Lessons From Practice
Samantha A. Ritchie, Novo Nordisk Inc., Chair
Samantha Le Chau, Novo Nordisk Inc., Panelist
Mark L. Poteet, Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc., Panelist
Maya Yankelevich, PDRI, Panelist
Leigh Winik, Novo Nordisk Inc., Panelist
Submitter: Samantha Ritchie, samantha.ritchie@verizon.net

218. Should Employers Be Indemnified Against Liability for Our Work
James L. Outtz, Outtz and Associates, Chair
John C. Scott, APTMetrics, Inc., Panelist
Kevin Carter, Alcoa Inc., Panelist
Nancy T. Tippins, Valtera Corporation, Panelist
Ronald Green, Epstein Becker and Green, Panelist

246. IGNITE Lightning Round: I-O Psychology’s Impact on People’s Working Lives
Autumn D. Krauss, Sentis, Chair
Mark J. Schmit, Society for Human Resource Management, Presenter
Allan H. Church, PepsiCo, Presenter
Jeffrey J. McHenry, Rainier Leadership Solutions, Presenter
Nancy T. Tippins, Valtera Corporation, Presenter
Michael A. Campion, Purdue University, Presenter
Julian Barling, Queen’s University, Presenter
Steven D. Ashworth, San Diego Gas & Electric, Presenter
Steven G. Rogelberg, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Presenter
William Shepherd, Huntington National Bank, Presenter
Elaine D. Pulakos, PDRI, an SHL Company, Presenter

260. Human Resources and Its Role in Environmental Sustainability: Case Studies
Stephan Dilchert, Baruch College, CUNY, Chair
Cathy L. Z. DuBois, Kent State University, EcoVision at
Sherwin-Williams: Leadership at All Levels
Stephan Dilchert, Baruch College, CUNY, Deniz S. Ones,
University of Minnesota, Leveraging Individual Differences
to Select for Employee Environmental Sustainability
John P. Muros, AT&T, Kevin Impelman, Kenexa, Charles L.
Hollweg, Batrus Hollweg International, Sustainability in
Coffee Sourcing and Implications for Employee
A. Silke McCance, Proctor & Gamble, Andrew Biga, Procter
& Gamble, Robert E. Gibby, Procter & Gamble, Adam
Massman, Procter & Gamble, Environmental
Sustainability From the Employees’ Perspective:
Organization Sensing at P&G
Juergen Deller, Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Angela
Titzrath-Grimm, Daimler AG, HR and Sustainability at
Daimler AG

289. Large Scale Impact in Intelligence, National Security, and Defense
From global war on terror, to cybersecurity, to protecting
our borders, workforce programs are top priorities.
Impact through selection and performance, learning and
readiness applications, and culture transformation are
found in intelligence, national security, and defense arenas.
Senior government leaders will discuss these and
challenge our field with emerging needs.
Elizabeth B. Kolmstetter, Office of Director of National
Intelligence, Chair
Stephanie Platz-Vieno, Central Intelligence Agency, Presenter
John Mills, Department of Defense, Presenter
Jeffrey Neal, ICF International, Presenter

307. Working as Human Nature
Howard M. Weiss, Georgia Institute of Technology, Presenter
Submitter: Howard Weiss, weiss@psych.purdue.edu

316. Closing Plenary Session
Douglas H. Reynolds, Development Dimensions International,Chair
Closing Keynote: Toward a Psychology of Human Agency
Albert Bandura, Stanford University, Presenter