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How to Submit Your 2013 Conference Proposal

The entire submission process will continue to be strictly online. Please do not send any additional materials (hard copy, CD, etc.) to the Administrative Office. The sections below represent the steps and choices you will complete to submit each proposal.

SIOP Username & Password: You will need your SIOP username and password to submit a proposal. If you need your username and password, go to the submission login site and request that the information be e-mailed to you. Please note that the information can only be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address in the SIOP database. Contact the Administrative Office at SIOP@siop.org if you need to update your e-mail address or if you need help.

Online Submission Availability: We expect that access to our online proposal submission site will be available when you receive this Call for Proposals. Submitters may go back and edit their submission by entering the submission site and selecting an existing submission at any time until the deadline. Please remember that traffic on this site is extremely heavy close to the deadline so it is possible that you will not get on the site at that time or that your processing time will be very slow. The site will automatically shut down at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on September 12, 2012, and you will not be able to make any changes after that time.

Online Submission Elements

Please note that if your proposal is accepted, the information you enter during the online submission process is used to create the program. Be certain to enter the correct information.

Proposal Title
10 word (maximum) for your proposed session 

Content Areas

Suggested Reviewer Profile


Press Paragraph

Special Requests 
Please indicate any special requests (e.g., scheduling, presentation needs such as a flip chart, opting out of consideration for interactive posters). Special requests must be made at the time you submit your proposal. Once accepted, special requests cannot be considered.

Number of Authors/Participants
You must count ALL authors, including yourself if applicable, regardless of whether they will be presenting at the session or not. The number of authors/participants that you give will be used to create the participant list and the conference program. Submission participants cannot be changed after the proposal has been accepted.

Amount of Time Requested

Word Count 
You will be asked to confirm that you have conformed to the word-count requirements (see above) of your submission and that you recognize that failing to abide by these requirements will preclude the submission from review.  For word limit information, click here.

Diversity of Affiliation (relevant for Debate, Symposium/Forum, and Panel Discussion submissions only) 
You will be asked to confirm that you have conformed to the diversity of affiliation requirement (see above) and that you recognize that not doing so means your submission will not be reviewed.

Commitment to Present
You will be asked to affirm that all presenters (i.e., first authors, discussants, chairs) in the proposed session have indicated their personal commitment to give the presentation at the 2013 SIOP conference should it be accepted. Prior to submission, please consider any potential travel or funding constraints that would prevent the delivery of the presentation should it be accepted. All presenters must pay their own travel expenses and the conference registration fee, even if they only plan to attend their own session(s). Presenters who are not SIOP members must pay the nonmember registration fee. You will also be asked to affirm that you understand that there can be NO SUBSTITUTIONS of presenters or papers after submission. This rule includes authors who may have left the institution from which the proposal was originally submitted. The possibility for such occurrences should be discussed among authors prior to submission. All submitters are asked to ensure that those affiliated with your submission are aware of the commitment to present, including the travel and registration expenses associated with attending the SIOP conference.

Legal Right to Present the Paper
You will be asked to affirm that all presenters (i.e., first authors, discussants, chairs) in the proposed session have indicated that they have the legal right to present AND distribute all information included in the submission (i.e., that any proprietary materials included in the proposal CAN be presented AND distributed at the conference).

Automatic Consideration for the 2012 APA Conference
There are always more great submissions than space permits on the SIOP conference program. You can elect to have your submission automatically forwarded to and considered for presentation at the APA conference if it is not accepted at the SIOP conference. Selecting this option does NOT guarantee that your submission will be accepted for the APA conference, nor does it affect the liklihood of your submission being accepted to the SIOP conference. Please note that by indicating your desire to be considered for the APA program, you are indicating your intention to present your work there, should it be accepted at one of those conferences. If you do not want to attend the APA conference in the event it is accepted there and not at SIOP, then please do not select this option. If your submission is accepted by APA, they will notify you directly and you will then have the option to be on the program, but you should only select this option if you would indeed be willing to attend and present at the APA conference, if this situation arises. The 2013 APA conference will be held July 31 to August 4, 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii. For more information about the conference, visit http://www.apa.org.

Human Resources Continuing Education (CE) Credits
Submitters will have the option to have their submissions considered for HR Certification Institute recertification credits (for PHR/SPHR/GPHR certifications).  There are a handful of requirements for submission eligibility, most importantly that the program directly ties in to one or more items in the PHR/SPHR Body of Knowledge.  If your submission is a symposium/forum or a master tutorial (no other submission formats are eligible for this opportunity) and it is HR-related, please select this checkbox when prompted during the online submission process.  Participation in this opportunity will not influence any acceptance decisions.

Required Submission Document Format

Participant List (including coauthors who are not presenting)

Receipt of Proposal Confirmation
A receipt/confirmation of your submission will be sent to you via e-mail. 


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