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2014 Conference Program Format

The 2014 conference will have three unique elements in addition to the standard program:

  1. To reflect the Hawaii setting and to allow an earlier end time for formal programming, sessions will begin at 7:30 AM local time (i.e., 1:30 PM EDT) and will end Thursday and Friday at 3:30 PM.  On Saturday, sessions will end at 3:00 PM and the Closing Plenary will begin at 3:30 PM.
  2. On Saturday, the conference will feature a Theme Track - a full day of programming synchronized around a topic chosen by the SIOP President - alongside the non-theme sessions on that day.  This year's theme is Breakthrough: Expanding I-O Psychology Through Connection.  The day will consist of a series of highly engaging and innovative 20-minute TED-style talks.  Each speaker will discuss breakthrough ideas that were achieved by connecting with areas or approaches outside of mainstream I-O.  The specific connections highlighted will include East meets West, Inductive meets Deductive reasoning, Neuroscience meets Leadership, and Business meets Psychology.
  3. A series of timely and in-depth topic discussions are planned for this year’s Friday Seminar series – this year’s topics will include Generational Issues in the Workplace, East/West Cultural Differences, Meta-analysis, and Physiological Measurement.

The conference will formally begin with an Opening Plenary session featuring Tammy Allen, the current SIOP President, and will conclude with an invited speaker address at the Closing Plenary session.

There are seven session types for submissions: (a) Debate, (b) Symposium/Forum, (c) Roundtable/Conversation Hour, (d) Master Tutorial, (e) Panel Discussion, (f) Poster, and a new category, further discussed in the Proposal Format Requirements & Session Types section, (g) Alternative Session Type.  Across all session types, we particularly encourage submissions of sessions that are designed to maximize novelty, spontaneity, interactivity, and audience engagement. 

Key Dates and Deadlines

Table of Contents