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Invited Addresses


Elizabeth McCune, Microsoft Corporation, Chair

This year we will feature several invited sessions and addresses throughout the conference, built around emerging and current topics of broad interest across the SIOP membership, comprising sessions developed by the Alliance for Organizational Psychology, the SIOP Executive Board, and the Invited Sessions Program Subcommittee, and also including the fourth edition of the invited IGNITE session (each year one of the conference’s most-attended sessions!). Please note, the term “invited” refers to the presenters, not the audience—all are welcome to these very special sessions!

How Big of a Change Will Big Data Bring?

May 15, 2014, Theatre 310, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Panelists: Kathryn Dekas, Google, Inc.; Scott Erker, Development Dimensions International (DDI); Charles A. Handler, Logi-Serve; Mike Dolen, CEB

Chairs: Madhura Chakrabarti, Dell; Elizabeth McCune, Microsoft Corporation

In this symposium four scientists-practitioners come together to discuss what Big Data means in the field of industrial/organizational psychology and its implications. The speakers will then engage in a ‘fun’ debate on whether Big Data is likely to bring about incremental or revolutionary changes to the field.

Mergers and Startups: End of I-O as We Know It

May 15, 2014, Theatre 310, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Panelists: Tony Anello, SHL/CEB; Natalie Baumgartner, RoundPegg; Lisa Collings, DigitalGlobe; Joy Hazucha, Korn/Ferry International; Annmarie Neal, Center for Leadership Innovation

Chair: Martin Lanik, Global Assessor Pool

As the consulting industry undergoes consolidation and startup boom, I-O psychologists face yet another existential crisis. On one end, traditional I-O firms are being acquired by publicly traded conglomerates; on the other, VC backed startups are building HR-related technology. We will discuss the impact of these trends on our field.

Connections That IGNITE I-O Research and Practice

May 16, 2014, Theatre 310, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Presenters: Robin Cohen, Johnson & Johnson; Mo Wang, University of Florida; Michelle (Mikki) Hebl, Rice University; Lillian Eby, University of Georgia; Lise Saari, NYU & Baruch; Tracy Kantrowitz, CEB; Lisa Finkelstein, Northern Illinois University; Amy Grubb, Federal Bureau of Investigation; Leslie Hammer, Portland State University; Sari Lehkonen, European Personnel Selection Office

Chair: Autumn Krauss, Sentis

So far, SIOP’s Invited IGNITE series has considered how I-O psychologists use data to inform evidenced-based decisions, impact people’s working lives, and influence employee and organizational behavior. This fourth installment showcases the remarkable connections we forge in order to realize these goals. What connections will you be inspired to make?

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