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SIOP 2015 Daily Session Feedback Study FAQs

What does participation in the study entail?

  • Throughout the conference, you will receive text messages with a link to a short survey (~5 minutes) that can be completed on your mobile phone within 3 hours of receiving the text.
  • The survey will ask about your reactions to SIOP sessions you recently attended.
  • You will receive two text messages each day of the conference (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). The messages will be sent at random times between 10:30am and 6:30pm.
  • The surveys will be sent from SurveySignal. All responses will be deidentified, and results will only be reported in the aggregate.

How do I register?

Click on this link and fill out the requested information by April 21st at 5:00pm EST: http://www.surveysignal.com/RegParticipantSIOP.aspx?surveyid=032315084722.

Next, you will receive a text message with another link.  Click that link directly from the text message on your mobile phone.
You will only need to do this once.

Can I participate if I do not have a smart phone?

No, your phone must be able to access the web and receive text messages.

How do I access the daily feedback surveys?

You will receive two text messages each day with link to each survey.  The links in each text message are unique so be sure to click on the most recently received text.

When will I start receiving text messages?

You will receive 2 texts per day for each of the three conference days.  These are sent at random times between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm.

How much time do I have to respond to each survey?

Each survey link will stop working 3 hours after the text message is sent.  Try to follow each link within this time period.

I indicated I wanted to participate in the study during registration for the conference but am no longer interested, how do I opt out?

Only those who complete the registration form through SurveySignal (http://www.surveysignal.com/RegParticipantSIOP.aspx?surveyid=032315084722) are registered to receive text messages for the study.  If you are not interested in participating, simply do not complete this form.

What if I want to withdraw from the study?

If you would like to discontinue participation, simply stop clicking the survey links in the text messages. Due to the large number of participants and short time period of the study, we can’t easily unenroll people.  We simply ask that you ignore the texts, and we hope receiving a few unwanted text messages is not too much of a burden.

Will my responses be identifiable?

No. The researchers will never see your name, phone number, or email in connection with your responses.  This information is deidentified by the third party vendor.

Will I be able to see the results of the study?

We intend to publish a summary of results in TIP.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

The SIOP 2015 Program Chair, Kristen Shockley at Kristen.shockley@baruch.cuny.edu

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