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2006 Graduate Student Scholarship Winner

Tracy Lambert, after receiving her doctorate from the University of Georgia this summer, is looking forward to her first year on the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Under the direction of Lillian Eby, Lambert completed her dissertation on how low-income employees cope with and respond to work–family conflict. Noting there has been little research on this subject, she found some differences in how low-income families and white-collar families respond to greater time demands and pressures, both at work and at home.

Her research has spawned a wider interest in career-related topics, including career management, networking, and reemployment issues, as well as a growing interest in underrepresented populations.

Lambert majored in psychology at James Madison University and had thoughts of going into clinical work. “It was a faculty member with an I-O background that introduced me to the field of I-O. It was a change I am glad I made,” she said.

Somewhat surprising to her, she is teaching in the Management Department at Asheville. “I am teaching courses that mesh with my expertise and see it as an opportunity to introduce more students to I-O. I really think not enough people know what we do and I want to help change that,” she added.

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