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Douglas McKenna

Dr. Douglas McKenna brings a rich background to the challenge of coaching senior executives. After earning his PhD in Differential Psychology in 1979 at the University of Minnesota, Dr. McKenna plunged into a career of teaching, research, and consulting. In 1993, he left tenure and a thriving consulting practice to join the Microsoft Corporation as General Manager, Corporate HR. From 1993 to 2001, he was the architect of Microsoft’s executive and leadership development efforts. During that time, he had the opportunity to coach many of the company’s most senior leaders and fast-rising stars. Dr. McKenna’s leadership course, designed to resonate with the pace and pressure of Microsoft’s culture, has been delivered to Microsoft leaders around the world. Currently, Dr. McKenna is President of the Oceanside Institute (www.oceansideinstitute.org). He continues to build his executive coaching and leadership development practice, extending his efforts recently to university presidents and non-profit CEO’s. Dr. McKenna’s thinking on leadership and coaching continues to evolve with deep dives over the past 10 years into family systems theory, behavioral biology, and social neuroscience. He is deeply grateful for the priceless mentoring he has received throughout his career from Dr. Marvin Dunnette, Dr. Gary Latham, and Dr. Leaetta Hough.