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Judith S. Blanton, PhD

Dr. Judith Blanton heads Blanton Consulting, an organizational consulting and coaching practice in Pasadena, California. She has 25+ years of experience helping individuals, teams and organizations become more effective, efficient and vital. Part of her practice is “shadow consulting” in which she serves as a sounding board, resource, support and mentor to other consultants and coaches. Prior to founding Blanton Consulting, Judy was a Partner with the well-respected psychological consulting firm of RHR International, LLC and served as Managing Director of its Los Angeles Office. She has been actively involved in the legal and ethical issues of licensure for many years. She has published research on how supervision is done in graduate I-O programs and is interested in how it differs from clinical supervision and what makes supervision useful. She is also exploring research on the use of power within organizations. Among her many awards is the 2015 Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association, which reads in part - “Judy is the coach’s coach. She is able to frame the most difficult messages in ways that clients and colleagues can hear and act upon positively. As such, Judy Blanton is a role model’s role model. Dr. Blanton holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from University of Texas, Austin.


Supervision: A Developing Practice Area


Increasingly, coaches are seeking supervision in order to grow professionally, to meet requirements of client companies, and/or for “certification” purposes. Supervision, itself, is becoming a profession complete with training programs and even certification. In this session, the presenter will discuss what is “supervision”, compare various models and approaches, and explain examples of issues in the supervisee-supervisor role relationships.

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