2022 SIOP Annual Conference



Welcome SIOP members!

As we all plan for the 2022 SIOP Annual Conference, I want to share with you a pre-conference event that I hold dear to my heart—that is, the SIOP Consortia events. It is important to me because as a Doctoral student, I attended the Doctoral Consortia and it provided valuable information that helped me through the dissertation phase of graduate school and even on my job search. I also attended the Early Career Faculty Consortia as a newly minted faculty member. It too provided me with an opportunity to network with others in similar roles and places in their career. The information and professional development I received during these two events were impactful.

As the Chair of the Consortia Committee, I’m excited about the programs that have been developed for SIOP 2022. The chairs for each track have worked hard to develop a program that you can benefit from. This year, three of the tracks of the consortia (Doctoral, Masters, and Early Career Faculty) will be completely virtual. The Early Career Practitioner consortia has planned an in person program to be held in Seattle on April 27th. We believe that the consortia provides content that appeals to members at all career levels. I look forward to seeing you at the virtual consortia events and for those who can make it in person, we will celebrate the consortia in Seattle at a reception on Wednesday April 27th. See you in a zoom room and/or in Seattle to celebrate the SIOP Consortia! 

Deborah DiazGranados, PhD 

Pronoun: she/her/hers/Latina

Associate Professor, School of Medicine 
Affiliate Associate Professor, Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Theater Row, 730 East Broad St. 
Suite 4200, Office 4214
Box 980466
Richmond, VA 23298 

804.827.0142 (O) 
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Doctoral Consortium 


Join us for the SIOP 2022 Doctoral Consortium! You can expect a high-quality and interactive consortium experience. Come engage with diverse panels of I-O professionals as they offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by both I-O practitioners and academics today. The consortium will take place virtually during the two weeks before the SIOP conference in April 2022 and will culminate in an in-person networking event in Seattle. 

Each program can nominate up to two student representatives. Students must have passed comprehensive exams (or your program’s equivalent) to be eligible to attend. If you are interested, be sure to let your program chair know and work with them to fill out this form. Registration deadline is April 4th, so register soon!



Monday, April 11th  

  •   9:00am PDT Building and Maintaining Your Professional Impact (Part 1) featuring Herman Aguinis (George Washington University), Ben Butina (Arconic), and Janice Gassam (BWG Business Solutions) 
  •   10:15am PDT Building and Maintaining Your Professional Impact (Part 2) facilitated by Manny Gonzalez (Seton Hall University) and Elliott Larson (Baruch College, CUNY) 

Wednesday, April 13th 

  •   9:00am PDT Generating New Research [joint session with Early Career Faculty Consortium] featuring Derek Avery (University of Houston), Winny Shen (York University), and Louis Tay (Purdue University) 
  •   10:15am PDT Applied Jobs: Getting the Lay of the Land featuring Anthony Boyce (Amazon), Sarah Hartog (BTS), and Kathryn Niles-Jolly (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)  

Thursday, April 14th – Q&A with Journal Editors [joint session with Early Career Faculty Consortium] 

  •   9:00am PDT Session 1 with editors from Journal of Applied Psychology (Lillian Eby), Personnel Psychology (Berrin Erdogan), Organizational Research Methods (Lisa Lambert Schurer or Tine Kohler), and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (Maryam Kouchaki) 
  •   10:15am PDT Session 2 with editors from Academy of Management Journal (Laszlo Tihanyi), Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management (Brian Connelly), and Journal of Organizational Behavior (Christian Resick) 

Monday, April 18th  

  •   9:00am PDT Surviving the Dissertation Process featuring Nitya Chawla (Texas A&M University) and Jeffrey Dahlke (HumRRO) 
  •   10:15am PDT The I-Odentity Crisis featuring Lawrence Houston III (Rutgers University), John Scott (APTMetrics), and Emilee Tison (Meta) 

Thursday, April 21st  

  •   9:00am PDT Finding an Academic Job featuring Kevin Ford (Michigan State University), Alicia Grandey (Penn State University), and Tony Kong (University of South Florida)  
  •   10:15am PDT Starting into an Academic Career featuring Rachel Jang (University of Oklahoma), Jorge Lumbreras (Seattle Pacific University), and Logan Watts (University of Texas at Arlington) 

Friday, April 22nd  

  •   9:00am PDT Finding an Applied Job featuring John Agosta (New York City Police Department), Leah Ellison (Korn Ferry), and Tiwi Marira (Meta) 
  •   10:15am PDT Starting into an Applied Career featuring Shannon Cheng (McKinsey & Company), Soner Dumani (HumRRO), and Andrea Valentine (Merck) 

Wednesday, April 27th  

  •   4:00pm PDT In-Person Networking Session featuring your fellow doctoral consortium attendees and several of our panelists! 
  •   7:00pm PDT Consortia Reception featuring attendees from all four SIOP consortia 


Please do not hesitate to contact the Doctoral Consortium chairs with any questions! Dr. Elliott Larson (elliott.c.larson@gmail.com) and Dr. Manuel Gonzalez (manuel.gonzalez@shu.edu)  


Masters Consortium


This year’s Master’s consortium will be entirely virtual! The speakers will focus on their journey from a Master’s I-O student to their established career, and dive into what it’s like to be their type of practitioner. Additionally, back by popular demand, the consortium will serve up supplemental developmental material in the form of mini-sessions and augmented breaks.

We look forward to having you join us this year for the 2022 SIOP Master’s Consortium! Registration deadline is April 4th, see you there!



Tuesday, April 12th (10:00am - 12:00pm PDT)

  •   10:00am PDT Speed Networking (an interactive session)
  •   10:45am PDT Getting Involved with SIOP (rolling slides with content during break)
  •   11:00am PDT Life as an I/O HR Business Partner presented by Sebastian Unger (Vice President, Prudential Financial)

Thursday, April 14th (10:00am - 12:30pm PDT)

  •   10:00am PDT Assessments in the Covid Age presented by Daniel King (Consultant, Ergometrics)
  •   11:00am PDT I/O Career Tracks (rolling slides with content during break)
  •   11:30am PDT My Road to External Consulting presented by Neena Kaur (Deloitte)

Tuesday, April 19th (10:00am - 12:00pm PDT)

  •   10:00am PDT Building Business Acumen presented by Brandon Riggs (Senior Marketing Manager, Perceptyx)  
  •   10:45am PDT Storytelling (rolling slides with content during break)
  •   11:00am PDT My Experiences as an Internal I/O Practitioner presented by Ashley Keating (Vice President, Citigroup)

​Thursday April 21st (10:00am – 12:00pm PDT)

  •   10:00am PDT Structured Interviews presented by Christopher Rosett (Director, Amazon)  
  •   10:45am PDT Salary Negotiation (rolling slides with content during break)
  •   11:00am PDT Personnel Research for the US Government presented by Ferry Fleurimond (Research Psychologist, Dept. of Homeland Security)


QUESTIONS? Please contact the Masters Consortia chairs: Chris Rosett (chrosett@amazon.com) and Brandon Riggs (briggs@perceptyx.com)


Early Career Faculty Consortium

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 SIOP Early Career Faculty Consortium. The content discussions will be 100% virtual and will be conducted prior to the beginning of the 2022 SIOP Conference. We look forward to connecting with you during the online sessions (see below for more details) and during the in-person networking event.


Monday, April 11th

·   12:00 pm PDT Teaching and Mentoring Tips and Tricks presented by Jose Cortina (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Talya Bauer (Portland State University)

·   1:15 pm PDT  Funding & Data Collection Strategies presented by Eden King (Rice University), Elizabeth (Beth) Campbell (University of  Minnesota), and Laura Little (University of Georgia)


Wednesday, April 13th

·   9:00 am PDT Generating New Research (joint session with Doctoral Consortium) presented by Derek Avery (University of Houston), Winny Shen (York University), and Louis Tay (Purdue University)

·   10:15 am PDT Networking for Successful & Efficient Publishing presented by Klodiana Lanaj (University of Florida) and Laurie Barclay (University of Guelph)


Thursday, April 14th - Q&A with Journal Editors (joint session with Doctoral Consortium)

·   9:00 am PDT Session 1 with editors from Journal of Applied Psychology (Lillian Eby), Personnel Psychology (Berrin Erdogan), Organizational Research Methods (Lisa Lambert Schurer or Tine Koehler), and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (Maryam Kouchaki)

·   10:15 am PDT Session 2 with editors from Academy of Management Journal (Laszlo Tihanyi), Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management (Brian Connelly), and Journal of Organizational Behavior (Christian Resick)


QUESTIONS? Please contact the ECFC chairs: Dr. Andrea Hetrick (ahetrick@unm.edu) OR Dr. Lauren Locklear (lauren.locklear@ttu.edu)


Early Career Practitioner Consortium


SIOP's Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC) is a career development experience for early career I-O professionals who work in non-academic settings. This in person one day event is designed to help you uncover strengths, learn more about career opportunities, and gain key skills to be successful as an I-O practitioner. You must be within five years post-degree (PhD or terminal Masters) to participate. Participation is limited, so sign up quickly once registration is available. 


Wednesday, April 27th

  •   Arrival, Networking, Welcome and Introductions
  •   Assessment & Self-Discovery: Hogan and SIOP Competencies
  •   Becoming a Practitioner Panel (Alexis Fink, PhD, Scott Erker, PhD, Amanda Muoneke, PhD)
  •   Lunch
  •   Mentor Lightening Introductions: What My Career Trajectory Looked Like (Ginerva Drinka, Ph.D, Kyana Beckles, M.P.S, Prema Ratnasingam, Ph.D., Rachel Callan, Ph.D, and Rawn Santiago, Ph.DGinerva Drinka, Ph.D, Kyana Beckles, M.P.S, Prema Ratnasingam, Ph.D., Rachel Callan, Ph.D, and Rawn Santiago, Ph.D)
  •   Mentor Circles and Breakout Rooms
  •   Closing remarks

The ECPC is here to start an ongoing conversation among I-O practitioners through the SIOP conference. It will be held in-person on Wednesday April 27th . We will have several career-enhancing activities including a Hogan assessment. Be sure to register by April 15th so you’re prepared for the debrief session on your Hogan report! We look forward to seeing you in Seattle, WA!

QUESTIONS? Please contact the ECPC chairs: Stephanie Murphy  (Stephanie.Murphy@dell.com) OR Nchopia Nwokoma (Nchopia.Nwokoma@KornFerry.com)